Nevillle Goddard Week In Review – June 2013

freenevilleweavetapesteryHey mate,

This week’s Neville Goddard Week In Review  has a tiny little request in it.  Would you let us know your favorite one or two articles below, and why?

If you scroll down to the bottom of any of the articles (beyond the facebook comment section) you will see where anyone can leave a comment, and we request that you do – so we can serve you even better.

Thank you for being a member of the Neville Goddard Community here, for your letters, and your sharing and support.

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Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

The 19 Most Powerful Words Of Neville

The Difference That Makes The Difference

Why Does Feeling It Real Work (Even When Everything Else Fails?

What to do when your daily affairs get in the way.

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  1. Larry Newman says:

    The 19 Most Powerful Words of Neville I found very helpful and beneficial. Read, follow, and create. Enjoy.

  2. Dr. Dave says:

    The 19 Most Powerful Words of Neville help reinforce what all the teachings state you should do.

  3. I don't know, they're all good. Don't know about you lot over there but it's Queens Birthday weekend here and there was no new Neville yesterday and so it was a long day. 🙂 Really appreciate what you guys do, and I've read a lot of stuff over the years (now 20+) and have to say that your info is by far the most informative because it makes sense! I remember seeing The Secret, and at the time I was on fire for more but there was no more and so, like a lot of others I was left floundering and felt slightly duped (that woman made millions). When I first heard Neville I really didn't appreciate him but then something clicked and between you guys and Abraham-Hicks I began to really see the light. What you guys give people more than anything else is hope, and a way forward to have the life of their dreams. For that I thank you, most sincerely. You helped me to stay and 'brave it out' when the going got tough, now I really do feel like this is 'my' life. Those great words, I AM THAT I AM… I GET IT NOW. They mean, I AM WHAT I SAY I AM. Hope you're having a happy Monday, it's raining hard here, I have four wet dogs INSIDE and my day is just grand. Cheers all, Lisa.

  4. Nat says:

    I can’t choose one particular article to highlight as they all have been so helpful. I really look forward to receiving them – it’s like opening a lovely little parcel each day. I realize now that in my experiments with LOA I had been viewing myself as though in a movie. I have now modified my approach according to your specs. What I am having some trouble with is going into the beta state and nevillizing before sleep. I always nod off before completing or even sometimes starting the feel it real session. Perhaps it is still percolating through though. Several times throughout the day I will rerun aspects of the methodology in my mind and apply it to constructing the feel it real session. It all still seems a little unfocused, but I think it’s coming together a bit more. Oddly enough, during the last several days, I am gratefully aware that some things have gone remarkably right. Most are small things like finding a single item I needed on a shelf In the store which had been empty before and still was except for this one item. More seriously, seeing a remarkable improvement in my 86 year old mother who is struggling to recover from the effects of pneumonia and is fiercely independent and so gets despondent easily. I imagine her in the spirit of her old self and happy. Will report future results. Thanks TT + V.

  5. Sribhaktid says:

    ‘The difference that makes the difference’, is really enlightening for me.

    FEAR : state
    FEARFUL : emotion

    HAPPINESS: state (impression)
    HAPPY: emotion (expression)
    I think I got it.

    Thank you so much


  6. The two most useful articles of the week for me: "The difference that makes the difference", and "Why does feeling it real work" because they clarified the Neville's methods- helping me to realize that putting the methods to practice means truly challenging the norms, turning away from conditioned beliefs and instead, placing my faith in our ability to feel it real.

  7. Zdenka says:

    I agree with Jacquelyn, the two most informative are “The difference that makes the difference” and “Why does feeling it real work”. I loved the video clip, it struck me with such short and clear explanations that many things I thought I knew finally got their final form and fit in the rest of the picture like the missing pieces of a puzzle. Great work, please continue 🙂

  8. J says:

    Good Morning,

    When you talked about the difference in state and emotion. The way you explained it makes it so clear. I look so forward to hearing from you and what you have to say! I’m so glad I found you and Neville!


  9. Samara Lobato says:

    Hey There Twenty! It really is difficult to choose because all articles have key points, but this week I'd go with the "The difference that makes the difference". Keep doing what you're doing! 🙂

  10. Lisa says:

    I’m having the same problems with the feel it real state as Nat. I keep going to sleep! What can I do to stop this happening please? Thanks.

  11. MS says:

    Hi 20/20 and V, thank you for sharing and caring.

    I have read Neville on and off for many years, and I agree with what he says about using mind and/or imaginations achieve goals. However, there is no doubt he was a Christian (meaning believed in Christ dwelling in all that is). So the conflict I encounter in his teaching is not as much the technics buy themselves, but the disconnection of the very source of the everlasting bounty – the Gift and the Giver that is Christ, light, beauty…whatever the name given to that power within depending on where one was raised.

    In the teaching of Jesus, it says to find the kingdom of God within first, and only then everything else follows, and the kingdom of God is a state of unconditional love towards all and the recognition of beauty in all that is – purity of heart.

    In Neville’s teaching, it is only an imagining mind, regardless of the state of consciousness of divine nature that we are. That purity and that fusion with Christ is missing, hence I find his definition of God differs from that of Jesus teachings, for the attributes aren’t the same. Hence, with imagination that has no divine attributes although a tool to reaching the end result doesn’t necessarily mean harmony whereas opening the channel of abundance through purification and fusion with Christ (Divine) always couples abundance with harmony.

    I am making sense? Thank you for reading and for your input