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Neville’s Success Signals and Neville Goddard Week In Review

“How can I tell if my Feel It Real Session worked? I don’t want to look for evidence, like the critic and block my blessing. Thank you.”

Hey mate,

Thank you for being a member of the Neville Goddard Community. Today, instead of sharing a reader success story with the Neville Goddard Week in Review, we are sharing Neville’s Success Signals. These will help you know NOW, if you have done an effective Feel It Real Session, like you learn how to in the Feel It Real PowerPack.

Neville’s Success Signals:

  • If your hands are dry , and if your mouth is dry at the end of this meditation, that is positive proof that you did succeed in lifting the cloud. What you were doing when the cloud was lifted is entirely your business. But you did lift the cloud if your hands are dry.
  • I will give you another phenomena which is very strange and one I cannot analyze. It happens if you really go into the deep. You will find on waking that you have the most active pair of kidneys in the world. I have discussed it with doctors and they cannot explain it.
  • Another thing you may observe in meditation is a lovely liquid blue light. The nearest thing on earth to which I can compare it is burning alcohol. You know when you put alcohol on the plum pudding at Christmas time and set it a flame, the lovely liquid blue flame that envelopes the pudding until you blow it out.
  • Another thing that may come to you as it did to me. You will see spots before your eyes. They are not liver spots as some people will tell you who know nothing about it. These are little things that float in space like a mesh, little circles all tied together. They start with a single cell and come in groups in different geometrical patterns, like worms, like trailers, and they float all over your face. When you close your eyes you still see them, proving that they are not from without, they are from within.

Don’t try to make any of them happen, you could create a Congratulatory Conversation that implies you have been experiencing them after your sessions. That would be great fun!

Now Here is the Neville Goddard Week In Review.

feel_it_realAre you doing what Neville taught, or are you confusing your consciousness by doing silly things?

Saying “you want enough money to swim in” seems to never work, because it is not what people who are wealthy do – or say.

They do have Congratulatory Conversations like this: What Neville Taught – Click here.

Next, are you living in the image of God – as a Creator,or are you being a critic?

When you read how Neville defines “a critic” this might be an eye opener for you too: Critic or Creator – Click here

And how can you have a great session, when you are not sure what you want.  A great read, that will get your juices flowing and eliminate stuck states in your life: How to Nevillize When You Aren’t Sure What You Want – Click Here.

Look for more great articles this week, inspired by your letters, and for our new book, The Secret Of Belief – Neville Goddard Simplifed #4. It’s gonna knock your socks off!

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. soren says:

    This was extremely helpful. Listing the success signals was a brilliant idea for the week in review. Thank you

  2. Thanks Mr 20 20!

  3. Seeing colored spots before one's closed eyes during meditation or self hypnosis indicates one is entering the astral world. Astral world is the place from where all things in material world have their beginning. Anything imagined in the Astral world will become a physical reality once time has wrought it's magic on it.

  4. hazel says:

    oh woooooowww! (speechless)………

  5. Sonia says:

    This has happened to me on several occasions after meditation. I have had little white dots that appear in a grid, they last for several minutes. I had no idea that this is a sign that the meditation is taking effect! Thank you for posting this information, I am so happy!

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Sonia!

    Sometimes they get so “thick”, even after meditation – it takes a while to get used to them.


    TT and V

  7. Mr Twenty Twenty says: