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Neville’s Spiritual Teachings On Money and Earthly Things – Is Money Bad?

“Mr Twenty Twenty, Isn’t seeking after money going to distract you from spiritual growth?  True spiritual teachers know that this world is a distraction.” – Mrs J. A.

Hi Mrs J. A.,

Let’s look at one small portion of the teachings of Neville, when it comes to money and other earthly things. This is from the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack, which I imagine is why you are writing us today.  Neville was asked essentially, “Are Earthly things (like money) bad?”

QUESTION: I have been taught not to ask for earthly things, only for spiritual growth, yet money and things are what I need.

Answer: You must be honest with yourself. All through scripture the question is asked, “What do you want of me?” Some wanted to see, others to eat, and still others wanted to be made straight, or “That my child live.” Your dimensionally larger self speaks to you through the language of desire. Do not deceive yourself. Knowing what you want, claim you already have it, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give it to you and remember, what you desire, that you have. – THE NEVILLE GODDARD PROSPERITY PACK Q AND A – Neville Goddard.

Always have a strong desire for truth. Seek the truth about the kingdom of God, seek the truth about you.   You are one with God, and it is your higher self – that is desiring what you truly want in life.

It’s okay to be healthy, it’s okay to be wealthy, both are blessings worth exploring in this adventure of a lifetime. It is a blessing to accept all the gifts that are here for us, so open up and enjoy them.   Remember, in the Prosperity Pack, Neville says that it is our FATHER’S PLEASURE to give us what we want, and for us rejoice in accepting it.

Anything on earth, can be a temptation for us to forget what we are – and put the power outside of ourselves, if we choose to experience it that way.   Yesterday’s lesson focused on age and skin color – both of those can be a false God – just like money can be a false God.

When someone says, “if only I were a different race then I would be successful”, they have made skin color / race their false God – their cause of success.   When someone says, “if only I were 20 again, then I would be happy and successful”, they have made age their false God – because they have made something here on Earth – the cause.   (God – your wonderful imagination is the only cause.)  If someone says, “money will give me success, happiness, financial security”, then they have made money their false God.

Neville says we are greater than any state, because of what we are.  What we see when we look in the mirror is the mask God is wearing.   When we get that, we get that assuming the states of success, happiness, and financial security invite and allow money to be a much more productive and pleasurable part of our lives.

State change always leads the change in circumstance.   Realizing that each of us is the Power and Wisdom that chooses and produces state change – awakens each of us in noticing what we truly are – and that is the process of spiritual awakening.

We can use manifesting money, manifesting health, manifesting anything – to remind us of what we are – and if we choose to live from that state – the state of awakening, instead of the state of “earthly things are a distraction”, then we get to enjoy all that we want here on Earth as well.

I hope that free’s up your mind and spirit Mr J. A.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Brenda Shotts says:

    This was a conflict of mine for years. I began to even breathe easier as I was reading Neville’s words and your insights.


  2. Patricia says:

    Greetings all,

    I have a question for the community… Our company ( my husband’s and mine) is currently being faced with several wonderful financial opportunities. I have one in particular I would like to manifest and have been doing directed imagining regarding it. However , I’m wondering if I should just be imagining a general outcome of success, instead of focusing on the one I prefer?? Thoughts anyone??

    Thanks so much,
    LOVE this site and all it’s positive energy !!

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Patricia, We just wrote an article for you and the community here.


    TT and V

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  5. G R Waymire says:

    Oh my gosh… I haven't thought about Mexican Joe for AGES! Thanks for the reminder! – Gail W