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Neville’s Mind Meals – Meal It Real

Hey mate,

Today we had another chat with Roberta, who was having a rough time finding times to do her sessions, and feeling as if she was forcing something to happen.

We shared with her that we lovingly refer to our sessions as Mind Meals, which was inspired by the Neville Goddard quote below.

“‘I have meat ye know not of. I am the bread that droppeth down from heaven. I am the wine.’ I know what I want to be, and because I am that bread I feast upon it.”

“I assume that I am, and instead of feasting upon the fact that I am in this room talking to you and you are listening to me, and that I am in Los Angeles, I feast upon the fact that I am elsewhere and I walk here as though I were elsewhere. And gradually I become what I feast upon. – Neville Goddard

DSCF3668Your sessions, where you take the time to induce the state akin to sleep and fully feel your ideal as real now, are your meat, bread, your wine.

They are your Feel It Real Meals.  Eat of them as you would physical food.

“But what about when you don’t have time to do your sessions? – Roberta

You wouldn’t wait days between meals because you were busy would you?   (If you did, odds are you would STOP being busy and start feeling ill.)

Several physical meals a day keep you strong, focused and active in life.   Your “Feel It Real” (Meal It Real) sessions do the same for your chosen STATES, they give you the nourishment you need, to Walk In The State of the wish fulfilled during your day.

“Man is a psychological being, a thinker. It is not what he feeds upon physically, but what he feeds upon mentally that he becomes. We become the embodiment of that which we mentally feed upon…”

“We cannot have a little bit of meditation in the morning, curse at noon, and do something else in the evening. We have to go on a mental diet, for a week we must completely change our mental food.” – Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_quote_neville_goddard_feastTry an experiment with us.   For a week do as Neville says.

Do not worry, fret or let your mind wonder aimlessly.


For a week, instead just give yourself 3 mental meals a day.

Don’t do them to make something happen.

Do them with the simple intention of feeding yourself, FEELING YOUR WISH AS TRUE ALREADY in your life.

Do this and you will find it MUCH EASIER to walk from and live from the state of your wish fulfilled, all day long.  

You will notice that it is much easier to Walk in the State of the Wish Fulfilled, and it is while walking in the state of the wish fulfilled you will meet your miracle.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Inspried by Lessons 6, 16, 37, 39, 55 of the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack – Click Here



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  1. Neville Goddard's Mind Meals. Great read and a YUMMY photo too!

  2. Your sessions are meals for your soul, doing them will….

  3. li says:

    How can we keep the state of mind of the wish fulfilled when for example we do not have money to do what we want?

  4. Deborah Kluetz says:

    Quite Right! Great analogy to going without food and it's so very true! Thanks, Twenty Twenty!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Li,

    Making our state of mind dependant on ANYTHING in the physical word is literally creating a false God, and putting the power outside of you.

    Neville says to deny what the senses see and what reason states – and FEEL the state unconditionally.

    So how do we do that?

    We notice that many times in Neville lectures, he talks about prayer being THANKFUL for what you have – for the wish fulfilled. In Imagine Neville Goddard Simplified, we share a tiny exercise that is very powerful, based and inspired by many comments of Neville’s. Today, we will refer to it as the gratitude game. Make a list, from A to Z every day, about what you are thankful for. Do it quick, do it several times a day.

    Doing this, will focus your mind on what you have to be thankful for, and it will train the brain to build strong “thankful” pathways in it. What we focus on tends to manifest in our lives, and simply focusing on what you are thankful for – somehow creates more stuff / circumstance / states to be thankful for. Begin there.

    Side note: Neville shares a great story about a lady who wanted to manifest money, to buy a hat. Instead of manifesting the money, she manifested the hat. when she asked Neville about it, he said to her something like, “If you manifested the money, odds are you would have spent it on some necessity, instead of buying the hat, to your IMAGINATION produced for you the HAT, what you really wanted.”

    Play with that Li, and the Gratitude Game from Neville Goddard Simplified #1 and enjoy what flows from there.

    Many blessings,

    TT and V

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    You are welcome Deborah.

    Enjoy a great meal and fabulous desserts.

    TT and V

  7. Blessings Deborah. Thank you!

  8. Colleen says:

    Thank you!! Your postings along with Neville’s words bring a better understanding and insight….Love your site, just purchased one of your books and really loved it, especially the End Game Exercise…..good stuff!! Love and Light to you and Victoria for all the work you do to help others…

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Colleen!

    It is a pleasure! Enjoy the End Game and remember you can email us anytime!

    TT and V

  10. Roxana Muise says:

    I AM that which I focus on. Mental Meals make it so!