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Neville’s Lost And Found Technique Works Again! Neville Goddard Success Story

Hey Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Last night, a friend from another city came, haven’t seen each other in 3 years so we’ve decided to celebrate it with some beer (or two). So, we go into this outside party and I put my jacket on one side of it and just find myself going to the opposite side of that place, like 100 meters away from it.

It was late when I found out I gotta go home and that my jacket was lost. I searched a bit for it, was a heck of a sleepy man and just decided to imagine I am wearing my jacket right now, right here. Before sleep I imagined taking it off and putting it on my chair where i usually put it

The first thing that came to my mind was this article: How Will I Ever Find It?

This morning, after my exercises & breakfast, log into Facebook, with a message from my buddy “I know you lost your jacket and I know where it is. Here’s the number of a guy who was drunk last night and took it home.” I have my jacket tonight, how cool is that?

N. B.

(Thank you N. B. for your Neville Goddard Success Story today. It works, it works, it works – but you’ve got to work it. Your story is great, because you STOPPED and dove in – right then and there – instead of getting worked up and “lost in space”. Good on you mate. It’s a pleasure to work with you. Have a great day!)

Mr Twenty Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. R.L. Black says:

    It worked for me, too. We had lost a title to a car we wanted to sell. I closed my eyes and saw my husband holding the title in his hands. That day, we found a folder in the back of a closet that we had missed before. The title was in it!