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Neville Success Story – Nov 2013

Hi Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

I only just found out about your work and Neville Goddard, actually, within the last couple weeks. I downloaded the PDFs of Neville’s lectures and started reading them. At first, when I skimmed some of the lectures, I was put off by the frequent references to Bible scriptures, as I am a long-lapsed Christian and believe most if not all of the events recounted in the Bible and even Jesus’ life are fictional.

However, Neville’s words in “At Your Command” got me to pay attention, when he stated, “Instead of looking upon the Bible as the historical record of an ancient civilization or the biography of the unusual life of Jesus, see it as a great psychological drama taking place in the consciousness of man.” THIS, I thought. This made sense to me. And so I continued reading.

I must have been ready to find your site and Neville Goddard’s works, because in the last year or so I have been asking myself just who is it I am praying to when I pray to “God” and why people’s prayers are usually not answered. I had been thinking about this quite a bit, that maybe it has to do with an incorrect understanding of who/what “God” is, and that there really is no divine being “out there”; that Being is actually what each of us is, and also what each of us is part of. Thus it makes no sense to petition God or our so-called guides or angels for help because we are looking for help in the wrong place. Anyway, I think I was ready to comprehend Neville’s explanation of God as “I AM” and what that truly means.

I have been seeking to understand clearly what I am, and what/who God is, for most of my life. In addition, I have been looking for the clearest, most efficient and direct route to manifesting everything that I desire for my life. I have had mixed success with affirmations, Religious Science and Unity prayer “treatments,” creative visualization, and the like. (I, like you TT, followed the Native American spiritual path for a time). There have been times in my life when I have had dramatic results using a combination of those methods, especially visualization combined with meditation and using emotion to *feel* the realization of my desires.

For example, over 10 years ago, I was in a difficult financial situation and needed to sell my house quickly. My (now former) husband was panicked and injected a lot of fear into the situation, and I myself struggled not to succumb to panic. I listed my house with a real estate company and then devoted probably 2 hours a day to meditation sessions where I visualized the perfect buyers making a good offer that profited all parties fairly and everyone shaking hands at the closing. Every time I felt panic overtake me, I stopped what I was doing and went through the visualization with the accompanying feelings of gratitude and relief. Anyway, within less than 10 days after the house was listed, I had a decent offer, and the sale went through smoothly, and I made money on the sale, even after paying off 2 mortgages.

The problem I have wanted to change is that since my early 20s (I’m now 54) I have had a self-defeating pattern of dealing with finances and jobs. I am tired of coping with one financial emergency after another and going from one unsatisfactory work situation to the next, and I am committed to changing this because I know that I deserve better. I know I can manifest things and situations that I want, as I have done so multiple times in the past. The main thing I am after is being able to create what I want, and as much as possible ONLY what I truly desire, in a consistent fashion.

After having listened to the Manifesting Money Action Pack and the Feel It Real Power Pack, I feel I am making progress toward this goal. A couple interesting things that have happened in the last week — validations, if you will — are that my 20-year-old son (who still lives with me) gave me $65 more than he normally gives me to help with household expenses (totally of his own volition), and the company I do some editorial freelance work for offered me some unexpected additional work. Another thing that happened was that I did a session today in regard to getting in touch with a former employer, and the tone and content of the actual conversation mirrored what I had visualized and felt during the session and was actually quite productive for me. These are just the things that have happened after a week or so of focused “Feel It Real” efforts on my part, and they give me hope for even greater results from doing more sessions.

So, please accept a heartfelt “thank you” from me for the help that your information has given me so far. TT, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and the down-to-earth way you communicate in your recordings, as well as the amount of valuable information you give away to the public on your website and the paid information and services you offer in a range of affordable prices. I will continue to apply the “Feel It Real” methods and will keep you posted on my progress.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Anne G

Fort Collins Colorado

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  1. Joy says:

    Thank you.

    I love how Anne even notices the small seeming miracles. A great reminder that what we notice gets multiplied. And how she went from asking questions about God, to discovering God.

    We are the wisdom and the power of God