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Neville Goddard’s Flying Machine

flightHey mate,

So you have decided to try out the methods of Feel It Real – the methods of Neville Goddard.

Some people probably think you are crazy, just like the men who tried making the first flying machines.

Because back in the age of the first flying machines, people were trying to escape something which was held in high regard, something that was considered common sense, something that even had a Law based on it.  Mankind was trying to escape GRAVITY.

So without knowing any better, without having a GUIDEBOOK on the laws of areodynamics – flight – well intentioned -hard working men decided how to fly.   

“Let’s do what birds do.”

So they made pedal powered flying machines that they hoped would fly.   Because the faster you pedaled, the faster the wings flapped.  And THAT was what they thought mattered most.

And they took their silly “flying machines”, walked off of cliffs, and pedaled faster and faster – to their death.

Pedaling faster is like making a LARGER vision board.   (Which seems to only remind most people that they still don’t actually HAVE what they want.   Do you have a picture of your current car on your wall?   The one you actually own?   Now, do you think having a photo of a car that you DON’T OWN,  staring at you all day at work – is going to make you Feel It Real?  (There is a better way – click here.)

Pedaling faster is like making the goal BIGGER.   Like a BILLION dollars feels more real to most people than a MILLION.    Neither a billion or a million feels real to most people, but DOUBLING YOUR INCOME – can be something you can Feel Real.

Here is another good one.

Pedaling faster is like PLEADING with even more desperation to God.  Instead of assuming the STATE of the wish fulfilled, and remembering you are one with God.  (This is why we make our recordings, write our books, and share 3 to 5 articles a week.  We know what works, and we want you to experience the joy of success – again and again.)


Today we want you to STOP pedaling faster, and start doing ONLY what works.  

Today, we want you to only Feel It Real.

Use as your GUIDEBOOK.

Use the free articles on the site.   There are hundreds of them, all free.  Use them.   Share them.   Print them out and live them.

Use the Core Lectures of Neville, they are free on the site.

Want over 20 years of time tested research at your finger tips? Invest in the Feel It Real Power Pack.

Ready for more money? Invest in the Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack.

Want to fill your head with Neville – instead of the news? Listen to Neville Goddard In His Own Voice.

And send us your success stories too.  (Read yet another amazing one below.  Feel It Real Works.   Most other stuff simply doesn’t.)

Many blessings, holding you in love and light – feeling your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Tomorrow’s Article:   Neville and The Devil!


Today, one week after starting a new job that requires 80 miles of travel per day, I decided to establish a carpool. I have been unemployed for over a year and simply could not afford the $15 per day to buy gas to get to work. Immediately upon placing my carpool request online on Friday, someone responded and offered to pay $50 per week to carpool with me three days out of the week. I didn’t tell her that I REALLY needed her share of the money upfront. So, over the weekend, I went into a STATE AKIN TO SLEEP and saw a $50 bill passing from her hand (passenger) to mine (driver). I heard myself saying “Thank you” and I felt the joy and gratitude in my heart. Surely enough, even though today was our first day of carpooling, she handed me the entire $50 upfront, saying “I don’t like to owe people money, so here you are.” Woo-hoo!

Also, a little over a month ago, the guy who cuts my grass told me that he was super busy and wouldn’t be able to cut my grass for another two weeks. My grass was already knee-high, so I really couldn’t wait two weeks. I went into a STATE AKIN TO SLEEP and stated: “My grass will be cut by Wednesday,” then I completely forgot about it. Sure enough, on Wednesday, as I was reclining on the sofa, I heard him outside cutting my grass.

Three weeks later, in this hot weather, my grass was knee-high again. Since I’ve dealt with unemployment for so long, I did not have the cash to pay to get my grass cut, since I knew I needed the money for traveling to and from work. I went into a STATE AKIN TO SLEEP and stated: “Someone will cut my grass for free. Thank you.” Sure enough, as I was backing out of my garage, on my way to work, that morning, there was a guy outside cutting my neighbor’s grass. Even though we are complete strangers, we exchanged a friendly smile and waved to one another. I continued on my way to work. When I came home… GUESS WHAT! He had cut my grass for free!!!!

Also, for my new job, by going into a STATE AKIN TO SLEEP, I have manifested one week of free parking.



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  1. Joy says:

    I am sharing this!

    This has to be your best article ever, and that says heaps.

    May you and Victoria be blessed wildly.


  2. Kater says:

    Beautiful article. Thank you and wishing you love and peace