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Neville Goddard Success Story – The Feel It Real Edition

Hey mate,

Welcome to this week in review and this week’s Neville Goddard Success story, sent to us by one of our readers and community members – someone just like you.

  • Let’s dive in with the success story, share 3 tips that we love from it and do the week in review.   Here goes:

Neville Goddard - FreedomHi TT and V. We have a tenant space on our first floor that I was in charge of renovating and working with the contractors. It was a very tight timeline of two weeks, for we already had new tenants who were moving in. Fortunately we have never had a moment to update the space because it has always been occupied. So with this window of opportunity, we made haste. We were doing a major reno in the kitchen, which included new floors, new counter tops, sink, hardware, lighting. With a really tight budget, my husband and I went back and forth on getting a new or used stainless gas range and dishwasher to complement the stainless refrigerator we got about a year and a half ago. It wasn’t in the budget.

Something burned inside of me. I wanted more than that. I wanted a full reno with desirable stainless appliances for our new tenants. If we were going to make the kitchen over, including the floors, now would be the best time to also pull and replace those appliances.

But after scouring Craigslist and other places for weeks and not finding anything, let alone the additional costs of moving the appliances here and paying to haul away the old ones, my husband and I released the idea of replacing them. For about a day and a half. Maybe two. I let go. Fully. I just happened to look at Craigslist again in passing after a day and half and found an ad that was more than perfect, about a day old. A year and a half old stainless gas range and dishwasher, the same exact brand as our refrigerator, same exact age, part of the same exact series, lightly used with manuals. And a crazy good price! It would be perfect. Everything would match. I quickly wrote back and asked if they were available.

“Have you ever had that feeling when something you are seeking to manifest is so perfect that you feel an ache inside? I did. And I felt it. A powerfully good ache. It is a psychic and physical sensation.”

When the woman wrote back and said the items were already sold, I was quizzical. These appliances appeared to belong in this space. While I might have been kicking myself for not seeing the ad sooner, she mentioned in several short emails, that she was kicking herself because this was her first ad and she really underpriced the items, which was true. It was clear she was not winning in this scenario.  While quizzical, I was undeterred. I wrote back, but not before actually getting a quote for an appliance moving company to pick them up and deliver them to me. I asked when they were being picked up, explained the situation, the reno, the matching fridge.

“And I felt guided to offer her a little more money, what money we could afford given the additional costs to move the items, should the earlier offer not come through. I did this over a couple of emails.”

And then I let go again. Fully. But all the while I would do as Blake said, “Raise Imagination to the state of vision and the thing is done.” Since I had photos of the range and dishwasher I spent my time seeing them in our space, imagining the final completed kitchen with a completed suite of stainless appliances, and hearing the new tenants’ words of appreciation, all the while continuing to work on the kitchen, prepping and painting the cabinets.  I received a response back that delighted and shocked me. Shocked me in the sense of a cosmic chiropractic adjustment. You know the feeling of a bone slipping back into place and the resultant rush of energy being restored? Like that! Something moving into place and the resultant energy moving. To me these are real sensations. In her email, my seller spoke with her husband and accepted our offer.

“The day before our tenants’ move-in date, the perfect stainless appliances were delivered by the movers and installed by our plumber, completing our renovation in record time. In addition, our contractors were able to take the old appliances without additional charge.”

There were quite a few brilliant manifestations during the reno. This one reminded me of letting go, and to focus on the end (it wasn’t for me to worry about how this was going to happen); of Feeling It Real in the face of a “no” answer (like Neville and his eventual discharge from the Army). And the Feel it Real sensations I experienced in the process, that I can use as a future touchstone. Many blessings and thanks for all you and V do and share in our wondrous world.” -Kat

(These quick lessons – match up with the dark quotes above.)

  • Notice how Kat identified what she wanted, how she felt “something burning inside of me”.   You’ve to to FEEL IT, not just have it thought out – or desiring it someday.  But FEELING IT with energy – burning inside you.
  • Notice how Kat mentioned feeling something – like an ache – knowing that it was perfect.  (This is common with people who follow the Feel It Real Steps.   It is a feeling of an actual KNOWING that it is perfect – it is done.)
  • Kat says “the perfect” was delivered – on the last day.   And the old ones were taken away without additional charge.   She could have forced the vision – insisting that it happen 2 weeks before so she could “relax”, or she could do what she did – which was accept it in perfect timing.   Accepting it with “divine timing” not only brings peace – but also often additional blessings – like how the old appliances were taken away – free of charge.

Hope you enjoyed today’s lesson, taken from Kat’s testimonial.   This stuff works.

Have an amazing day!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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4 Comments on "Neville Goddard Success Story – The Feel It Real Edition"

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  1. Larry B. Newman says:

    This only adds confidence to what I am learning and trying. Success will follow I am sure.

  2. Larry B. Newman says:

    This only adds confidence to what I am learning and trying. Success will follow I am sure.

  3. Larry B. Newman says:

    This only adds confidence to what I am learning and trying. Success will follow I am sure.

  4. Nat says:

    This one really chimed with me. Wonderfully communicated, love the “cosmic chiropractic adjustment”, and love the succinct lessons from TT. New take for me on the “letting go” aspect, which I have never understood before. Makes sense that it is the “how” that is being released, while the sense of fait accompli remains steadfast. You don’t discard the objective, the state of the wish fulfilled. Also took note of “divine timing”, letting go of the “when”.

    Thanks Kat, thanks TT & V.