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Neville Goddard Success Story – The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Hey mate,

This week’s success story is the 4th email readers and Manifesting Mastery Members have sent to us recently about manifesting trips to amazing places, like Africa, the Middle East, Asia and now – a cruise.   They all have wonderful real life lessons worth noticing.

Remember, one of the major keys when it comes to manifesting is learning how to STOP letting your ATTENTION AND ENERGY get scattered by the events in life. (This stuff is so simple, that a big percentage of our coaching and training is NOT directly focused on “how to manifest” – but rather in how you specifically are scattering your life force, and how to harness – direct and use your attention and energy – so you CAN manifest effectively.

leadlightIn Judy’s story, notice how not getting stuck in the “drama of a disaster” allows a true miracle to take place in her life – as she manifests the holiday trip of a lifetime..

Get this, my son who is 33 was engaged to be married Nov 3rd. 2 weeks ago his fiance’ left him to return to her home state to be closer to her family. My son was very pragmatic about it and thought it may be for the best. Yesterday he calls and says he’d still like to do the honeymoon trip they had planned and asked if I could go. At first I said I’d consider it, then I came to my senses and said WHOA this is what you have asked for! A vacation. First in 12 years!

Wanna know where we’d be travelling to? It’s a Mediterranean cruise! First Rome, Tunisia,Italy,Monte Carlo,France, Barcelona,Valencia,Carthage, Sardinia!!!!!OMG! I am just so excited! I am doing this all on faith that it will work out just fine. Whoa, I am leaving town Nov 16-the 29th. I never could have worked this out on my own! Thanks so much for your writings. This is such a trip in soooo many ways! My son is very excited too since we haven’t spent any time together in years! Best of everything to you!  – Judy

Lessons to learn: Do not let your energy and attention get scattered by ANY event life offers you. INSTEAD, do your sessions in love – focus on lovely things – and the adventure of a lifetime will open up for you.

That, and simply FOLLOW THE FORMULA.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. She didn't have far to go to receive her blessing or work on anything except the formula of faith and feeling it real. I love it for her. I was desiring a publisher for my forthcoming books. Not any more.