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Neville Goddard Success Story – How Worthless Stocks Turned Into Rock Solid Gold

“If you want to be a man of wealth, assume that you are. You see: the man of wealth and the poor man are the same being. The individual who occupies the poor state is God’s emanation who has fallen into the state of poverty. He does not differ, however, from the individual who occupies the state of wealth. The man in the state of wealth may have lots of money, but he is the same being, in a spiritual sense, as the man who is poor. The only difference is that the poor man does not know he can leave the state of poverty.” – Neville Goddard

feel_it_real_neville_goddard_quotes_believeHey TT and V,

Check this out… We are very excited… As it turns out, last November we received a mid six figure windfall from a 25 year old inheritance that held shares of a “defunct” Coal Company stock.

The stocks were previously worthless… but, as it turns out, the company “just happened” to hold Mineral Rights.  (Isn’t it amazing how FEELING IT REAL WORKS!)

So recently we received a dividend check from a option contract sold for gas extraction. In addition… some time around 2016-17, the Development Company will begin producing Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids on the property which will provide an additional income stream for years to come.

Gas wells in that area of of the United States have proved to be very profitable thus far… so it could produce quite a nice income going forward…

I have been using Neville’s techniques to manifest gains from unrelated investments and then BINGO, out of nowhere this deal comes in… We didn’t even know the stock holdings existed till now!

Whoa… Call it dumb luck but, I think Neville work greased the skids on this one…

So, how’s things going for you? Hope your following is growing.
We appreciate your efforts sharing Neville’s Teachings with the world…

They have always consistently worked for us over the years.

Thanks for your work buddy!

Best Regards

Michael from Manifesting Mastery

Congratulations Michael and good on you for staying faithful to the state of your wish fulfilled. Your story demonstrates many Rock Solid Gold points, and one of them to always remember is that it will often happen out of the blue, in a way you couldn’t possibly figure out, in it’s own perfect way. Big blessings mate!

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VID00371FTC – Financial Disclosure: This is where the law says we have to tell you that this isn’t a typical success story and that your results may vary. To us, that’s common sense, if everyone in the program was guaranteed to get the results Michael got, the way he did – that would be a little weird don’t you think – and we could charge about $25,000 for the 90 Days of Manifesting Mastery instead of just $97 bucks. Life is what you make it, and it’s up to you to dive in or sit on the fence. Read the testimonials – do what it takes. You are so worth it!
Legal mode over, let’s dive in and rock and roll. Join us!


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  1. Linda says:

    Fantastic Success Story!! Congratulations Michael…don’t you just love the out of nowhere manifestations.. Ones that you just didn’t see coming?

    Blessings to you!!

  2. Marilyn Rippee says:

    Wow, what a great story. Wishes for more wealth and success!

  3. Jana Kristak says:

    The link cannot be clicked.

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thanks Jana!

    Fixed now.

    Blessings to you!

  5. joann says:

    Ditto a great story! This is the classic “out-of-the-blue” manifestation we are hoping to realize.