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Neville Goddard Success Story – Easy As Pie – Rock Solid Success

“You can satisfy self by appropriating the feeling that you are what you want to be. And this assumption though false, that is, although reason and the senses deny it, if persisted in will harden into fact.” – Neville Goddard

TT and V,

Recently I completed the 90 day Manifesting Mastery course and I wanted to write and tell you of the most excellent manifestation that I’ve experienced to date. Yes, I’ve been able to bring forth small things that were in themselves very exciting – but nothing, nothing, nothing like this one.

A year ago my partner purchased a repossessed house in the region we wish to move. This property requires a complete gut and restart from the ground up. This has been a slow process, as we can only work at this location a few times a year for a week or two at a time. We’ve achieved a lot in the demolition in the last year, but the completion is certainly a future image.

I love to renovate and redesign homes. On our last visit here in the fall – I visited a very posh interior design studio in this region. (I take any opportunity to visit interior design shops to stir my imagination.) This center had the most beautiful custom kitchen display and I concentrated on every detail –beautifully made custom cabinetry and black stone countertops, a large island and all so tastefully done.

kitchen_windowOn my return to my regular home – in the Midwest – I’d find myself visualizing this kitchen and imagining this kitchen in the mountain house. Jump forward now 4 months and we’ve just made another trip over the holidays to spend more time tearing out walls and imagining this future house.

I happened to drive by the local Habitat for Humanity Resale shop one day – and immediately did a double take – as I spied an island cabinet outside in the lot. I turned around and went to inquire about it and see if it was something we could use. It was a large custom made island with no top. I went inside to ask about the price and the clerk told me the price – which was high for resale – but told me it included the top which was ‘out back’. I went round the back of the building and there was a 6ft x 4ft piece of beautiful black granite with a copper sink inset. Beside this were additional pieces of granite that would have been the counters for other cabinets — five in total. I asked if the price was only for the one piece – and was told it was for the island and the countertops (pleural). I was blown away –Black granite, copper sinks and custom cabinets!

The clerk explained that someone had already purchased the remainder of the kitchen – but decided it would not work in their home – so now wanted to resell it if someone came to inquire.

I visualized the price I could pay and was able to purchase it for a few hundred less! We now had the entire custom kitchen (which is huge) all with black granite and three copper sinks with faucets.

The long and short of this story is that I was able to purchase the entire custom kitchen with black granite counters for less than I could have purchased a stock set at a box store. I still am in total amazement. I imagined owning the beautiful kitchen in the design studio and now the one I do own is even more than that, and all with the beautiful black stone counters.

I can assure you that I’m busy imagining the remainder of the house in completion and am excited beyond my wildest dreams for what has been manifested so far. I can’t stop smiling! I can’t possibly tell you how wonderful this fulfillment has been. I was doing everything to keep myself from getting discouraged as I was working so hard to “remember when” on those days that were very difficult.

This has been my largest manifestation to date. I don’t usually concentrate on material ‘things’ but realizing this was certainly a joyful experience. “I remember when I was challenged by lack” and am so grateful for what comes into my experience today.

Jan Crawford
Illinois – USA

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  1. Jan says:

    Thanks for sharing my story! I love to relive it all.
    Wanting to redo this home in distressed mountain style – I was given an old farmhouse to tear down (which I was seeing as a goal) and now will have beautiful hardwood floors and woodwork for this home. It’s incredible to receive so much of what is imagined. I’ve enjoyed this program immensely and read Neville over and over to stay focused. It can be difficult to feel it real at times, but so far with my ‘remodel’ I’ve been given all I imagine and more!
    Can’t wait ’til I’m in Australia and meet you both in person! its another thing on my bucket list and I see it all the time!

  2. Great story, and wonderful to have your wish fulfilled. Congratulations – and what a wonderful place it sounds that you have. It has been too easy for me sometimes to go 'astray' as my body, sensations and emotions, take me away from my feel it real. But I also know it works beautifully – the imagination is all there is – I've manifested many 'what I don't wants'. But, I always return, quickly to Neville, TT and one other teacher who sings from the same sheet. And I KNOW all will just happen, when I let go – and let God.
    Thanks so much for the article.
    Best wishes for more wonderful imaginings.
    Susannah Acworth

  3. John H says:

    Congrats Jan on everything working wonderfully for you!! You mention the “I remember when” a couple times, I’m curious if you used that when doubt starting to creep in or maybe you were losing faith? When exactly did you use it and how? Also, did you use “Revision” each day or at all? Thanks for sharing your story and continued blessings to you!