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Neville Goddard Success Story and Week In Review – You Are Amazing Edition

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Enjoy the reader success story below and the Neville Goddard Week in Review – You are Amazing Edition

We stared with a reader request, Please Help Me Fix This.

Do You Really Have to do Feel It Real Sessions? In this article,

And finally, we explored some fascinating Truth’s About Neville Goddard – Did he teach much about the Law Of Attraction, or did he focus more on something far more effective and powerful?   We searched 221 lectures, and what we found might change how you think about all this, and it might help you change your life BIG TIME.

Great lessons, all inspired by your letters to us at   –  Look for a great week ahead with great articles, and even more success stories from YOU.  Have an amazing day and enjoy the reader success story below.

It’s a goodie, and it all comes about by Feeling Your Ideal As Real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Free Neville Goddard My 86 year old mother in law is now living with her daughter in San Francisco.  She dislikes being there – because they live on a steep hill –it is hard for her to go anywhere unassisted, her daughter works nights, their home is small and inconvenient for even basic needs. Both of them were pretty unhappy.  We investigated assisted living extensively but the cost of decent homes were $5,000 – 10,000 a month – far more than we had available. We finally gave up the idea. More recently – I decided to manifest it. I have enjoyed success with manifesting things before – and have successfully assisted others with their Nevilizing – but this seemed HUGE to me . But I decided to tackle it.

– I wrote down exactly what I wanted for her – a wonderful place; new friends; a caring staff; healthy food; great health care (including dental) outings with others and a whole list of other things. About 3 weeks into my manifesting efforts (Nevilizing) we heard about something called the PACE program. (Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly.)

Although we had spoken with a dozen Assisted Living homes aid programs, and social workers who help the elderly, no one had ever mentioned this program before. We came upon it “accidentally”. It only exists in 12 states with California having the most complete services of any PACE program.  And – get this – it is a FREE program which connects with medicare and medicaid – I don’t know all the details – but she qualified for it.  Their program assists people wherever they need it – In their home and outside. They pick her up 3-4 x a week, providing door to door service and drive her to their facility – where they have great food, activities, and a staff of doctors of every type who take care of the seniors.  They will also help her in her current home when her daughter is away.

At whatever point that she might need to be in a nursing home, that is free too if you are already in this program. Amazing.  She has been in the program for about a month now and we can already hear a difference in her voice.  She sounds so much better.  She is happier, she is feeling better – She is meeting new people – and getting much needed exercise, physical therapies, and dental care – And it didn’t cost anyone a penny.   An interesting thing about this manifestation – is that I made a fairly long list of the type of place we wanted for her.  I simply read it each night and smiled as I thought of her being comfortable.

I just knew that one way or other we would find the perfect place for her.  I didn’t include any requirement that we pay for it, Or that we find a CHEAP place.  I just visualized the perfect setting – knowing we would get her there. And everyone is far happier with this arrangement than anything I could have figured out on my own. Thought you would enjoy this story.   Much love to you TT & Victoria.

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  1. Dawn Bothie says:

    YES! And even though she was not supposed to qualify – I stated firmly – YES SHE WOULD! And she did!

  2. Eddie Kinlen says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Derek Muna says:

    Hi am derek from kenya and kindly manifest with me the feel it real pack

  4. Apcelon Woods says:

    Phenomenal story!

  5. Rose says:

    I really love your story Dawn! And I also love the “simple technique” you used:

    “An interesting thing about this manifestation – is that I made a fairly long list of the type of place we wanted for her. I simply read it each night and smiled as I thought of her being comfortable.”

    I’m still not very good at creating imaginal scenes in a state akin to sleep, I often get nervous and distracted. I suppose you read the list in your normal waking state while smiling, and thus assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled? If this was the case, and it worked, I really must try it myself!

  6. Michelle says:

    I loved this story too. It’s so simple! Thanks for sharing, it puts me closer to my manifestations by reading these stories.

  7. Barbara C says:

    Re “the list”: some years ago we were desperate to find a house outside New York City. I grabbed a pencil and began a letter to send to realtors, including a list of desirable features, many of which I thought too good to be true. Then I mislaid the draft letter.

    There was a newspaper strike on, so (pre-Internet) couldn’t easily find ads. But there was an old newspaper picking up drips from the air conditioner. It had a realtor’s name, and through her we found a lovely story-book cottage. Three years later I found the list. Of course every listed aspect, even the “impossible” ones, was true of the property.

    Thanks for the reminder to make more lists and lay them aside.