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Neville Goddard Success Stories and Week In Review – Father’s Day Edition

Neville Goddard Tree Bead

Neville Goddard Tree Bead

“First of all, i want to say thank you to you and Victoria for beings such wonderful blessings!  I want to write to you a simple yet mind blowing result that I got this week following Neville’s method and practicing all your articles this week.  Because i wanted to perfect the state akin to sleep, i tried to practice by manifesting something simple. I would read Neville’s lectures everyday and i would always smile when he dares us and tells us , “TRY IT, I tell you it works.”  So, my particular aim was for a particular person to call me, this person had no reason to call me and plus when we last saw each other, it wasn’t under the best circumstance so i knew that he wouldn’t even try. We were good friends but had a bad experience.

So i felt it real, i saw the LED blinking on my phone. I saw my hand reaching for my phone, i saw his name, and i remarked to myself, wow what a miracle that he called. And then i vividly heard his voice, and then i smiled and felt good.  This was 2 days ago and i kid you not, this morning, i got a missed call from him. And i was flabbergasted. I called him and asked him if he called and he said his son was playing with his phone but then in one sentence proceeded to ask me how i was and he told me we should get in touch more and that i should call him for whatever i need.  My knees were shaking after the call because i manifested something so fast and so simple. It would seem an impossible thing given the circumstances but i did not look at the evidence presented to me! I merely planted the seed and just felt that it was real!  Neville! I tried it! And you were a hundred percent right! It works!!!!!  Thank you, thank you.” – K.

Thank you K, for your wonderful success story using Feeling It Real and the State Akin To Sleep.  Your stories inspire us and remind us all to keep it simple, work with what works, and give thanks – for we are one with God – pure consciousness – the wonderful human imagination.  

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  Check out the Neville Goddard Tree bead, by clicking on the photo.   Molly,one of our readers sent us this lovely bead recently, inspired by Neville’s Tree.    Thank you Molly, it is truly beautiful.

The State Akin To Sleep Video – Click Here for Step by step instructions -our gift.

Neville Goddard’s Three Simple Steps To Success – Article

 Hi TT & V. Just wanted to say that these last two lessons have been invaluable to me. Like a lot of other people I have struggled with the feel-it-real sessions mainly because I wasn’t familiar with the concept. But the staircase did it for me. Now I can get right down there and I’m sure I’m doing it correctly because I’m seeing such detailed imagery which wasn’t happening to the same extent. Another thing that I’ve discovered is that everyone is there, at Alpha level, which is rather nice. Anyway just wanted to share. It was lovely seeing my parents who are in spirit, in fact it was all just very special. Best session so far and I’m just getting started! )) Thanks so very much. Many blessings to you both. – Lisa

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  1. Kristen says:

    If I ramble during this comment, it is only because I am so excited.

    Today, one week after starting a new job that requires 80 miles of travel per day, I decided to establish a carpool. I have been unemployed for over a year and simply could not afford the $15 per day to buy gas to get to work. Immediately upon placing my carpool request online on Friday, someone responded and offered to pay $50 per week to carpool with me three days out of the week. I didn’t tell her that I REALLY needed her share of the money upfront. So, over the weekend, I went into a STATE AKIN TO SLEEP and saw a $50 bill passing from her hand (passenger) to mine (driver). I heard myself saying “Thank you” and I felt the joy and gratitude in my heart. Surely enough, even though today was our first day of carpooling, she handed me the entire $50 upfront, saying “I don’t like to owe people money, so here you are.” Woo-hoo!

    Also, a little over a month ago, the guy who cuts my grass told me that he was super busy and wouldn’t be able to cut my grass for another two weeks. My grass was already knee-high, so I really couldn’t wait two weeks. I went into a STATE AKIN TO SLEEP and stated: “My grass will be cut by Wednesday,” then I completely forgot about it. Sure enough, on Wednesday, as I was reclining on the sofa, I heard him outside cutting my grass.

    Three weeks later, in this hot weather, my grass was knee-high again. Since I’ve dealt with unemployment for so long, I did not have the cash to pay to get my grass cut, since I knew I needed the money for traveling to and from work. I went into a STATE AKIN TO SLEEP and stated: “Someone will cut my grass for free. Thank you.” Sure enough, as I was backing out of my garage, on my way to work, that morning, there was a guy outside cutting my neighbor’s grass. Even though we are complete strangers, we exchanged a friendly smile and waved to one another. I continued on my way to work. When I came home… GUESS WHAT! He had cut my grass for free!!!!

    Also, for my new job, by going into a STATE AKIN TO SLEEP, I have manifested one week of free parking.



  2. leonard worthem says:

    awesome success story thanks for sharing