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Neville Goddard Success Stories – 5 New Testimonials – Free Neville Goddard

freeneville_pracitce_what_you_learnHey mate,

Today we are sharing 5 new Neville Goddard success stories with you – from members of the 90 Day Manifesting Mastery Training.   Notice how amazing the results can be, once you get old programming out of the way.  Enjoy and notice the special offer below for the next 72 hours only.  Don’t miss out – dive in and get wet mate!

“I just signed a new client a major client with multi million dollar potential and closed a deal for $1m!!! Today!!!;)) abundance is all around me truly. Business opportunities investments and offers for jobs – it’s amazing! Truly I feel as Neville did ” secure lavish income in keeping with integrity and ethics”. First class airline ticket to Israel given to me when I had the desire to go, a triplex penthouse and staff offered to me for free for my stay in tel aviv, truly it’s a state of being and I am wealthy and abundant in every way!! Love you both, J”

“Hi Twenty Twenty & Victoria, Changes in past 7 days. I stay with my parents and I have seen them arguing (fighting ) most of time ( 15 years ) . I started imagining silence.Although it looks like sumtimes the argument is just starting.Previously I used to imagine the worst or ” Oh It has started again ” & brace myself.Now I make the effort of imagining that there is peace and it looks like the argument has just gone puff…!!! I am still working on constructing scenes that not only shows arguments stopped but my parents talking to each other out of love.” – P. M.

“The guy I want back in my life so bad…who I finally let go of and starting feeling loved and like I am a loving wife… he’s back, smack dab in the middle of my life again AND it happened in the most unexpected way. The wonderful thing about this is that I didn’t have what I would call “monumental” sessions of Feel it Real, I had flashes here and there of really feeling the reality of the wish fulfilled, just flashes and here he is back in my life.”

On another note, the Prosperity Pack, you sent out a newsletter yesterday on that and I used that to appropriate $3,000 for myself by September 5th. $900 of that came in today. I am so thankful to finally have something simple, something clear that gets me what I want. I feel so clear headed now, not befuddled by what’s going on in my life. And a side benefit of this is I am absolutely over the moon happy with my life and you know what, that just brings more of the same. I’m going to continue with these lessons you are offering and go back time and again to do them over and over because I bet with practice I won’t have to wait months and years for the things that matter to me to transpire in my life. Thank you so much.  Michelle

Mr. TT & V,  Two weeks of lessons has been fast, really fast. I look forward to the Manifesting Mastery sessions every day. I am seeing very subtle changes in myself almost like dropping single grains of sand into a glass. I am noticing the changes slowly. There are many things I am still doing incorrectly but I am trying to make the changes suggested. It is difficult but I am trying. I am trying very hard. I am going to succeed in Manifesting Mastery and improve my life.  Thank you Mr. Twenty Twenty for offering this course at an affordable price I need the improvements. It is never to late to start over for a better life.  Larry Newman  Knoxville, TN USA

Great testimonials and shares team! Thank you!

Now if YOU want in the program, don’t miss out.  We are opening the doors for just 5 more (to keep things easy on us here) for the next 72 hours only. Click to this HIDDEN page to get in now – Manifesting Mastery 90 Day Program – Click Here Now.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

“Test God, for he will not fail you. Then, when he proves himself in performance, tell a friend, and continue telling others as you exercise this law. And walk knowing all the other I am statements are yours. Prove this in the world of shadows and you will prove the other in the world of reality.” – Neville Goddard quote.

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