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Neville Goddard Reader Success Story

Neville Goddard QuoteHey mate,

Today we are going to explore a reader testimonial and Neville Goddard success story we got in the email today, why it worked, and how you can apply it.   The dark indented paragraphs are the original testimonial, and in between each one we will share why it works.  Let’s dive in.


Hi TT and VI know you’re both well and thriving! Still here and loving your work!  Just thought I would let you know what happened a couple of months ago. It’s something for you to share with the other ‘Neville-ites’

What we want you to do first, is to imagine sharing your success stories. Not just having the success, but sharing the story.  Notice in our books and trainings on Neville’s lectures, how many times he suggests using a scene, where you are sharing your success and achievement – and being congratulated for it.   There is a special power released when you create a “I have succeeded scene” inside your mind, because it demonstrates that your friends and family support you and your success, and it also can imply that your success – can teach others the source of success – the wonderful human imagination.

TAKE AWAY:  Use these scenes in your daily sessions, because they IMPLY the wish has been fulfilled, and they help you NOT focus on the success itself – which is a common mistake people make.   See our books POWER and FREEDOM for more on that.

My daughter and I were looking for new place for her to live.  On seeing several places that didn’t suit, I asked her to describe the ideal flatmate.  She said that their job will take them away from home, so the flat will feel like it’s hers; that they would love her cat; I then said that the property should be close to where I live. I had also said that he’d be gay! (please remove if you feel this may offend, but it is relevant!)

Clarity activates creation.  Notice how after a lack of success, Mom asked her daughter to to stop, and enter into the wish fulfilled by describing her ideal flatmate, and living conditions.  You can very effectively enter into the world of the wish fulfilled- by experiencing the delightful details of it.

Notice too, that the details weren’t just “data”, they involved how the daughter would experience and benefit from them.   “The flatmate had a job that would take them away from home, so the flat would FEEL like it was hers.”

The NEXT DAY she saw an advertisement on-line. The room was oddly decorated, but it had a lovely feel to it. We both felt that instantly!  She arranged to see the property the next day.  She sent the address to me… It was 5 minutes away!  On seeing the property, which she loved, the room was offered to her on the spot! And there’s more… He has a job that takes him away from home and he loves her cat!… And yes, he’s gay!

The daughter took action and participated in the outcome – finding the flat, by looking for ads online.   Notice that there is no indication of force or pressure to make it happen, just simple participation in the process in a NATURAL way.

TAKE AWAY:  Notice too, that there was no “this is what I want, but I will settle for less” feeling in the letter.   Often people will create an ideal scene, then “undo it” by stating that would be nice – but I would settle for something less – and something less is what they get instead.   Determine your ideal, and be thankful.

After she moved in and was settled, I reminded her of the ‘shopping list’ we had created.  Coincidently, we checked the timeline for the advert and it was uploaded just after we made our list!  Neville had said when our desire comes it will happen so naturally and that we would assume it would have happened anyway! So so true!  Everything that happened occurred so naturally!

Neville says that “God shall not be mocked”, and that we are to remember what the creative power really is, our wonderful human imagination.  I went to bed last night, no clue about what to write about today, imagining that the IDEAL ARTICLE would show up in our world, for the community here today.   When we got up this morning, this wonderful testimonial was in our inbox – and I immediately felt it as a wonderful article to share and teach with.

It’s not my “cleverness” that makes this article a success – thinking that would be mocking God.   Remembering that IMAGINING CREATES, and imagination created the testimonial and the article – honors God, and unleashes even more of the loving creative power that we truly are.

Other occurrences have been happening too; but what I outlined above still blows me away!!!  Keep doing what you’re doing!  Blessings to you and Victoria!  – V.

Thank you V.   We are thankful for your share, and know that it will bless many.   Remember mate, to feel your ideal as real, and walk daily from the state of your wish fulfilled.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. SueMarie says:

    Wow, just what I needed today. As always, when I seek answers they come. Many times through our busy lives we tend to forget the important things to focus on and then TT writes an article that puts us back on track. Thank you again TT and Victoria.

    I am now celebrating that my daughters court case on the 9th of May is an absolute success……….Please raise your glasses with me to celebrate her justifiable win.

    Thank you.

  2. Vivian says:

    What a great story to share! Thank you so much. Every time I read something like this, it’s exciting!