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“To invest is expecting a return on your equity. There must be a return on equity when you invest.  Well, we are told: “Stop spending your thought, your time and your money.” Time must produce some return. It is precious. Your thought is speech; it must be actually invested, not wasted.  And your money.  Everything must be invested, and not wasted.” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today we wanted to share with you a huge shift and a series of very cool Neville Goddard success stories from J.

J has chosen to Follow The Formula and become an investor.  Notice how simple and easy J manifests, because he has made the shift from SPENDING (letting the imagination run wild or hopefully long for something) to INVESTING – expecting a rock solid return.

And all you have to do is Follow the Formula.

  • You don’t need vision boards.
  • You don’t have to force yourself to say or believe affirmations.
  • You don’t have to go to a job you hate to pay the mortgage.

All you have to do is imagine – imagine your IDEAL LIFE.  All you have to do is walk in the state of the NEW YOU, and then ALLOW yourself to become that person in your every act and deed. Do this and you will find your entire world start changing big time, and you will be telling us too – that LIFE IS FUN, big time fun. That is what it was meant to be.

So let’s dive into today’s success story from J.

Hi Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

Since joining in November, I’ve been studying Neville and working / testing and practicing his principals but know his information given, has been further clarified through your efforts,Twenty Twenty, by your extrapolation, examples and daily tips – THANK YOU!

Important to say, I believe these teachings to be ‘golden’ – as simply, they have changed my life and others in the most profound way. Neville wrote along the lines, “in your own way He will be revealed” and this I can confirm has indeed happened to me, in the most unexpected and wonderful of ways.

From testing and practicing, believe it important for you and maybe others to know what has happened to me and how they too, can change their lives from the stories listed below;

Story 1

Earlier this year, my sister and husband decided they were going to sell their newly renovated home in Canada. Their plan was to place it on the market through a Realtor, who suggested it be listed at four hundred and ninety nine thousand (499,000.00) dollars, due to the major renovations and in lieu of it standing near a busy road. My sister stated, “she knew other homes in the area were getting more and it was important for them to not sit on it and have it sell fast”, hence their asking a lower price. I on the other hand thought differently.

In the privacy of my Los Angeles apt. I simply stated, “my sister’s home will sell for five hundred and fifty thousand (550,000.00) dollars, to a good family who will appreciate it.” I then told my father (confidentially) what I thought it would sell for and then forgot about it.

A number of weeks passed and I was surprised I had not seen it listed on the Canadian MLS, as I knew the realtor had recently taken the pictures. On Easter Sunday, my sister phoned to not only wish me a Happy Easter but to tell me of their good news. Their story went like this. After moving into their new home, her husband was doing work at the older house (for sale) one evening, when a unexpected visitor knocked on the door. The visitor stated, he had heard (from some neighbors) the house would soon be going on the market and they wanted to see it before hand. My brother-in-law, let them in, they surveyed and stated it was to their liking. The visitor then stated, “he was approved for 550K” and asked if my brother-in-law would be happy with the price as he did not want to haggle; to which, my brother-in-law replied “yes”. The house was sold that evening (not even listed on the MLS) and the new buyers are now in it and very happy. Important to note: other homes on the street are either still up for sale or have sold for one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000.00) dollars less. During our conversation that Easter evening my father confirmed to my sister (as he was at their new home) what I shared confidentially to him a few weeks prior regarding what I expected the older home to sell for.

(Note from TT and V:  Notice he simply “expected” it to sell for $550,000.   Expecting (not hoping for) a return activates great power.   Allow all that you say and all that you do – to be driven from the simple feeling of EXPECTATION.   Feeling is the secret.)

Story 2

While driving home with a friend a month ago, I stated that I wanted a new mountain bike. Early the next morning, while out on a walk a complete stranger rode up to me on a bike and asked me, “do you want to buy a bike?” In shock and awe (looking for a camera thinking it was a joke), I answered “no”, as the stranger was riding a black ten speed and who knows where it could have come from. As I continued walking, my thoughts raced from the randomness of it all as it happened to me here in Los Angeles early in the morning (following my making the statement to a friend the night before), to “well what kind of bike do you want”, followed by the thought “I want a red mountain bike”, as I continued on my way letting the thought go.

Last Wednesday, my neighbors asked me over for coffee. As I was leaving, they asked me if I would use a bike, to which I replied, “yes, as a matter of fact I just mentioned to a friend that I would like a mountain bike.” His wife then asked me what color I wanted, to which I replied – “red”. His wife then stated, “he was given a bike last year and as he was not using it and it was taking up room in their garage, she wanted to get rid of it.” He opened the garage door and to my surprise wheeled out a brand new red mountain bike. But the story does not end here.

(Notice how simple J. let’s his manifestations be.  No drama – just simple expectation of a return.   J expects a red mountain bike and J accepts a red mountain bike into his life.  PowerPoint:  Notice J didn’t DESPERATELY dive on the first bike that showed up.   He could have.   And he could have screamed with delight that this works, this works, this works!  Instead he stopped, and noticed – yes, it works – so what is it that I REALLY want.)

Last Thursday, a friend called to see if I was free for a visit then decided to pick me up, as she wanted a cool drink. In our travels we ended up at The Grove. She was undecided where we should go so I let her take the lead. We casually walked through the shopping center (even though it was extremely hot) and ended up on the other side where there are over 20 different places to choose from. It was there, I began to disclose to her my random bike story. As I finished the story, she had then decided on ice cream and as I turned around to make my flavor decision, found a hand colored picture drawn by a youngster, thanking the ice cream shop for the tour and a free ice cream. As I read the cute story, again in shock and awe as I noticed the picture was signed by the same last name as the family, who had given me the bike. My friend also in awe at the randomness of my finishing the story and turning to notice the colored picture, took a photograph (on her Iphone), with our acknowledging it must be a random coincidence, prior to our devouring cool ice cream on a hot spring day.

When I returned home, I noticed my neighbors in their yard and asked if they had taken their son to The Grove for ice cream. They both stated “no” but interested as it was the same name, however they were late for work and quickly drove off. I then downloaded the colored picture and sent it to them. Later that evening, I received a call from the parents stating, “we are dumbfounded and shocked, as yes, it was indeed their son’s colored picture, as he was at the ice cream shop a few weeks earlier, on a school field trip.”

Last Friday, the entire family went to see their brother’s and son’s colored picture hanging at the ice cream shop. Later they called me stating, “We are so happy and grateful. Thank you so much for telling us, as we would never have known. Our son was so proud to see his picture hanging that he jumped for joy, exclaiming that he was now famous. His brothers too were proud of his accomplishment. The store owner stated it was hard to pick a letter, as there were so many written that day by five (5) year-old’s but that his was the best which described the day. We can not explain our gratitude to you for seeing the picture – it really strengthened our son’s pride, self esteem and joy.” Words can not describe how happy I felt, as I too felt I had given back.

(Victoria and I call this being in the FLOW.  There was a lovely way for him to give back to the family that gave him the bike.   This often happens when you are open to being given to and giving.   Good on you J for being you and sharing your success with the Neville Goddard family here.)

Lastly, I too like many others have what I would call a ‘big’ dream for lack of a better term (nothing is too small or big – all is doable), but I know for certain, my request has been heard and that it’s on it’s way. I remember a few month’s back using a system of Neville’s and stating out loud, “I am too close to this situation and need you to hear for me that it is done.” The very next day I saw something that grabbed my attention – a quote by itself that simply stated, “What can I say – Congratulations, Well Done, Out Standing.” Until then, I will continue “Feeling It Real of Wish Fulfilled.”

Thank you so very much for bringing clarity to Neville’s words and work.

Best regards,


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  1. Nat says:

    What a rich and encouraging post, so many layers to it. Thanks J for sharing, and TT & V for explaining. These things are so helpful.

  2. Lisa says:

    Well, well, well… yet again… clarity and information just at the right time, precisely the right topic, just when I needed it. Can’t thank you enough. 🙂