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Neville Goddard Lesson of the Day – Live as one possessed by the dream.

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Today’s Neville Goddard Quote of the day below is from the 1968 lectures – Be Imitators of God – Courtesy of

Back in November just a few short months ago, I started studying this lecture, and applied it to my businesses and to my physical fitness and health. Since then – I have gone from wearing size LARGE mens shorts to size SMALL, and have doubled my productivity and income several times over.

Manifestation begins with your body and behavior – they are part of “the world” that manifests what you envision. When you become possessed enough by the dream, you start living it out – and attracting to you the resources you need.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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So here is NEVILLE:

“If you want your dream realized, imitate God by becoming totally possessed by your dream. Do this and you, too, will reach your desire’s fulfillment, just as God has brought – and is bringing – his dream to completion. Have an intense wish. Clothe it in tones of reality and imitate God by living as one possessed by a dream. Like God, do not turn aside until you have executed and accomplished the intents of your mind. ” – Neville Goddard

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