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Neville Goddard Coffee Club – Three Levels of Learning

Hey mate,

If you ever wondered why you aren’t doing your sessions daily (or having great fun with them) today’s lesson is going to rock your world – and change all that.   It’s time to get the results you want.

In today’s Neville Goddard Coffee Club you are going to learn something that most people miss – that keeps you stuck in first or second gear – and you are going to learn how to get in high gear – and take your results to the red line. Let’s dive in.

Today’s Take Away: There are 3 levels of learning, and to succeed you need all three.

  • There is the Slogan Level of learning – “Imagination Creates Reality”.
  • There is the Step By Step level of learning – How To Revise – How to Enter Into The State Akin to Sleep.
  • There is the Shift Level of learning – Where you have an insight into what about YOU has been holding you back.

We strive to build all three into the articles and videos as much as we can.

But our culture is hooked on the Slogan Level – and that is too the easiest to share. You can do this with a quick graphic and phrase.

It takes a bit more effort to help a client, student or reader get the Step By Step levels – but that takes a bit more time and effort. That is where packages like POWER and the Feel It Real Power Pack come in.

And it takes a bit of time and an ongoing relationship to really get the Shift Level going strong. That’s why we offer the trainings below. (Read the testimonials – you’ll notice MEGATONS of shifts going on.

So take your time today, notice any tendency to want a new slogan or a new variation on a step by step – and notice if those are what you need today – or if it’s time to dial it up a level higher and explore personal shifts more.

It’s well worth it. Many blessings. Check out the two training programs below and dive in.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

Manifesting Mastery – The 90 Day Program – Click here.

MetaManifesting – Road Map To Reality – Manifesting and Personal Transformation – Click Here

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  1. this was a great video, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Linda Nerney says:

    Thanks so much I really enjoy this "coffee club" concept.