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Neville Goddard Coffee Club – Money Mastermind Invitation

“You must now formulate an aim. That is, you must define the one you would like to be instead of the one you truly are in secret.  With this aim clearly defined, you must, throughout your conscious waking day, notice your every reaction in regard to this aim.”  – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard Coffee Club is going to take you to an entirely new level of WEALTH.   Because….

Having an AIM, according to Neville – isn’t about having more stuff.  Having an AIM is about being the person – you choose to be – who can at will – create the success – and get what you want in life.

So with that in mind….

“If you don’t build in the REAL BELIEFS of the wealthy into your being – you can’t possibly do what Neville says – you can’t possibly REACT to the world – as a wealthy person does.”

Let’s dive in, and start exploring what it takes to TRULY create wealth in your world.   You are going to LOVE this.

Power Point #1

You need not just the “spending strategy (fantasy)” inside your mind but to be truly wealthy – you need REAL SUCCESS STRATEGIES – the beliefs that the truly wealthy have to succeed wildly.

Think about it.  Unless you KNOW – that you can create wealth at will – on some level you will be afraid of losing your “lucky break”. If you focus on something out there giving you wealth like  “winning the lotto” (being lucky) another part of your mind will also be focused on what could happen if something out there takes it away from you.   (This lottery winner paranoia is common, and causes almost everyone who hits the lottery or lucks into wealth to become paranoid or careless – and results in them being flat broke again – often within 2 to 5 years.)


If you KNOW beyond the SHADOW of doubt – that you can create wealth at will – because you have learned and integrated the ACTUAL BELIEFS of the truly wealthy, you can’t help but create wealth – and have success – just like they do. 

We are going to help you do that – starting right now because…

Imagine ACTUALLY KNOWING with every fiber of your being that you can create, enjoy, and expand your wealth – at any time.   That beats “being lucky” every single time.

Power Point #2:

Imagination does create reality.  You can have all the systems and strategies at “a head level”, but unless you FEEL that you can create significant LASTING wealth, and that you can freely enjoy it – you won’t.

That is why we chose to actually mentor and mastermind with people who produce wealth.  Talking with them, exploring the world with them in a mastermind setting – rubs off on you, changes your thinking and changes your concept of self – and totally transforms your world.

(Have you noticed that your income and attitude and even your health and fitness level tends to be like those who you SPEND time with?  Time for a change.  Start INVESTING time with those who are doing what you would like to do, and having the success in life that you want to have.  Start right now.)

Power Point #3:

We have codified over 30 differences in BELIEF AND BEHAVIOR between people who are poor and who remain poor (or return to poverty) – and those who are wealthy, create more wealth, and who ENJOY being wealthy and helping others do the same.

If you don’t know these differences, and how to activate them in  your life – how could you possibly build in the REAL BELIEFS of the wealthy into your being?   Because you can’t possibly do what Neville says – you can’t possibly REACT to the world – as a wealthy person does, until you do that.

If you feel this is for you, stay tuned.   Join us in the Money MasterMind Calls (coming soon) – and start making massive change today with

The Manifesting Money Action Pack – A Great Place To Start

The Neville Goddard Prosperity Pack – The Total Immersion Package

Your life depends on this.   Stop tiptoeing and DIVE IN.

You truly are worth it.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Colleen says:

    Makes so much sense….you always bring clarity and insight to make neville’s teachings easier and simple to follow and practice….super video…thank you

  2. Jo Japa says:

    I listened through this three times tonight – once fully focused, and twice as I was working with other end-of-day things. And this really took me: that there are people in my life that do have the big home etc- but they (the ones I am thinking of, not all of them) are focused on who's on the latest reality show. etc.and spends and spends- very generous absolutely – but not focused at all on their own personal investment and deeper stability. Calls me at the drive through to explain why they don't have time to meditate. It is about our focus and our values – like being on time for a tai chi class if you want to learn tai chi. Love your stuff!

  3. Conni Lewis says:

    very cool twenty.
    Will be interested in the MMM calls.
    Peace out.
    Conni ~