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Neville Goddard Coffee Club – Mental Conversations – Free Neville Goddard

“I keep using my affirmations and doing Feel It Real but it’s not working right for me. It’s like my mind keeps rebelling. What do I need to do differently?”

Hey mate,

Today we are going to explore one of the most powerful Neville Goddard methods, the method of Mental conversations. Here is how it is done, in the words of Neville.

“Every morning after breakfast he would sit down in what we call the Berbice chair, and put his feet up on the arms of the chair. It’s a chair made in the West Indies. And then he would simply with his eyes partly shut, he would see the day as he wanted it to be.”

“He would carry on mental conversations with men he had to meet that day, from his premises and brought to his conclusion, and that’s how he worked.” – Neville Goddard

Why do Mental Conversations work wonderfully?

Mental Conversations – not only put you in the FEELING of the wish fulfilled, they INVOLVE your ACTION MIND – so you start THINKING like the person you have chosen to become.

And when you are thinking like that person (and creating BOTH SIDES of the conversation – your sessions work HUNDREDS OF TIMES more effectively.

How do you do this:

  • Recline in a chair.  (Don’t lay down, you might fall asleep.)
  • Enter into the State Akin to Sleep.
  • Imagine the conversations you will have today in your life and business.  Imagine them being the conversations that imply your wish has been fulfilled.
  • And when you are done – take this incredible feeling into your day.  

feel_it_realThis is why we teach Neville Goddard and only Neville Goddard here.    That’s why you keep showing up, and sending us your success stories.   And that is why this community keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

That’s it for today!

If you want to experience HEAPS more insights like these, and dial your manifesting up higher and higher, get the Feel It Real Power Pack or join us in Manifesting Mastery.

Because getting it right, right now and getting your old habits and programming out of the way will give you the rock solid success you want in life.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria


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  1. mandy says:

    Hi 2020,
    What is your take on these manifesting products flooding the internet which claims to enhance manifestation ….and based on your research on Neville’s way of thought..would Neville recommend or agree with all these? Would he recommend these products also just like other self help gurus just to make money via internet?


  2. hazel says:

    Thank you very much twenty twenty, this is another one Solid Gold. Although affirmation works for me as when i say “I AM” i do believe and feel it real that i am…and so it depends of the individual it takes believing and feeling it real when the person says it…
    I like this mental conversation – I learned a lot more and more from you. The 221 PDF lectures is so powerful that i can feel every bit of it i can’t stop reading. I have to end my letter otherwise it would be endless lol! Wonderful things happen really has no end.

    Thank you very much

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Mandy,

    You are the operant power.

    Anything in the physical world, is in the world of effect.

    As you notice here, we teach and promote only what supports that premise, because we know it works.

    Thank you for asking,

    TT and V

  4. Lisa says:

    I agree! When I am really in the vortex, as they say, in the zone, aware… my I AM statements are powerfully strong. I am in the habit of being aware – and before I was in that habit, my I AM or any other affirmations were a bit…desperate. Now, they are comforting, a powerful reminder.
    Agreed too – this and All Things Neville, All Things Twenty Twenty – solid gold.

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one.

    What makes them strong – where the power is – is “the zone”.

    Words just direct the power, like “hey look a squirrel”.

    The words don’t see the squirrel, they just direct the “power” of sight in this analogy.

    The mistake most people make is “the words are where the power is”. It’s the state – that the words come from – that is the power.

    Have fun!

  6. Thanks so very much for your efforts and and dedication to this site. I haven't had any experience with these things in my life as of yet but am looking forward to a limitless supply of all I need as I explore and apply these wonderful principles in my every day life.

  7. Jana Kristak says:

    When I thought "I have done everything, what else is there?", you introduced Neville Goddard. He reminds me of Jose Silva and the well known Silva Mind Method which I have been practicing since mid-1980s. Those of you who are familiar with both, Neville Goddard and Silva Method what is your input?

  8. Great video Twenty! So I am wondering … and hopefully this is not a dumb question … when Neville was seeing his day and carrying on mental conversations with men he had to meet that day was he creating the scene with appointments already scheduled or was he creating the meetings out of thin air?? Do you know? Did my Q make sense? Thanks!

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Wendy!

    All the talks I recall referencing Neville or his father doing this – sounded like they were with people who they expected to have conversations with.

    Here is one of the examples that we have on the site:

    Many blessings to you!

    TT and V

  10. lisa says:

    Yes, it is true…. listening again, refreshed and enhanced again. this is the best stuff out there, to and from in here.
    Thank you for bridging it back to us. It is better ever time I listen to you – I could pick any lesson, video or article of yours at random, just like I can/do with Neville, and never be left without impression.
    Thank you 😀

  11. lisa says:

    Oh just keep on keepin’ on my brother, and you will have these experiences. Just let the feel good part take over…as you do/search/hope etc for “these experiences” and you will find yourself aimist, awash in them.
    them being….you, your life, your next breath.
    It is so very true.
    As we delight in the journey, the result seems less and less important. What is that saying Twenty – before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
    After enlightenment, chop wood carry water.
    Scott, all is well and all is done. It is so true.

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Big love Lisa!

    Thank you for being here and being you.

    TT and V