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Neville Goddard Coffee Club – Manifesting More Money

Hey mate,

Want to Manifest More Money?

Most everyone does. And one of the big things that totally blocks your blessing is “getting it exactly backwards.

Most everyone, most everywhere – got it all backwards. Let’s dive in:

You’ll notice in the video, we suggest putting your personal life first. Then put your business affairs last.

Define your personal experience of life first. Then let money – cashflow be a PART of your life. Wealthy people and wealth producers, experience money as part of their life. They focus more FROM the state of living full out and producing as much value as they can for themselves and for the world.


Notice – personal problems – create money problems.

Pay special attention to the “HAVE THE DISCUSSION” segment at about 6:15

And notice how we share how we share how to have cool details about your day: 6:30

It’s MUCH easier to Manifest More Money – when money is PART of what you are manifesting, instead of money being all you FOCUS ON manifesting.

This will rock your world, big time.

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emmett_officeMany blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Mahesh Mahtani says:

    Awesome, how do you manifest a life partner instantly.. Kindly advice

  2. Dennis says:

    Thank you TT, the dream is what I lose sight of occasionally. This vid was a good nudge back on track for me. Incidently, I used to be one of those “win the lottery” guys too! Wow, what a lot of frustration that was!
    I’ve had some great success using these techniques, it does work exactly as you and Neville say it does. Learning and imagining is a permanent part of my life now. My life since finding your website a couple years ago has dramatically improved and continues to move in the direction I want it to. Thats a direct result of applying Nevilles teachings. Your explanations, vids and books have been indispensable to me these last couple years! I highly encourage anyone that’s serious about it, to invest the money into your programs, it just makes it that much simpler to succeed quickly. You break things down into more manageable chunks and make it more relevant in todays world. That has helped me immensely! Thanks for being here and doing what you do!

  3. Linda says:

    Great video TT..

    As always lots of life changing advice.

    Can’t believe I have less than a week of Manifesting Mastery left!!

    My life has changed big time!!

    Big Love


  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Linda!

    Remember if you want to do it again, we can start up the emails at day one for you.

    That’s way fun. You get to notice how much has changed even more and how much you’ve changed too in the past 90 days.

    Big love and blessings to you!

    TT and V and E

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Dennis!

    Big love back to you mate and thank you for the share.

    We truly love what we do here, and love sharing what we know works.

    Because every little bit of suffering that goes away in the world – means more fun and love and peace.

    As you know, email or reach out anytime.

    Keep growing and keep glowing.

    TT and V and E

  6. Linda says:

    Thanks TT, I do intend to do it all over again

  7. Linda says:

    I don’t know what happened there most of my comment disappeared.

    I had said it is life changing and life is wonderful.

    Also I love hearing your voice in the recordings your wonderful energy comes through and it is very uplifting.

    I will send you an email update after day 90.

    Your little puppy is so cute!

    Big Love and Blessings to you all


  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for reposting it Linda. Gotta love computers. 🙂

  9. Robin Canell says:

    manifesting … Needing money for new running shoes.. nix the $ and feel "yourself" in the running shoes as running in a marathon….. few weeks later.. shoes are affordable and on now in my closet….

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:


    Good one Robin!

    Now looking forward to your marathon fun!

    TT and V

  11. Jana Kristak says:

    I was doing big house cleaning and could not believe when I found 3 Neville's books in my huge library.

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Have fun Jana!

    TT and V

  13. Scott Herrera says:

    HI TT,

    This is crazy. I never read any of Neville Goddard’s material until two days ago. I knew immediately from within that this is pure truth…so I have been listing to several videos and read lots of his stuff over and over could not get enough…and the last couple of days I started applying the imagining with feelings my one main desire and seeing my self already my new home in San Francisco overlooking the Bay my desire…vividly seeing the end result and what I do day to day b/c of this desire. Having the freedom to traveling meeting like minded people..I started doing this 2 days ago before I went to bed…so I fell asleep living my desire.

    Now the kicker…I have never heard of you..randomly came across your site to night…I happen to click on the video above and started listening to soon as you said you did Forex..I stop the video and gave gratitude…b/c that is my life’s desire to be a successful Forex Trader…this has given me the confirmation that I am on track! Pure Awesomeness!!!

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Scott!

    Good on you for being you mate, and for diving in.

    It’s a pleasure to share with you – while we enjoy this adventure of a lifetime.

    Keep diving in, it keeps getting better and better!

    TT and V

  15. Lucia says:

    Hi Mr. T&T.

    I am so thrill to find someone who love Neville as much as I do. I’ve been reading him and Wattles for years. He is the best kept secret! After traveling to Egypt to study twenty years ago I came back knowing the bible was mythology/ allegories and never belong to another church. To each his own, there was no judgments it just wasn’t my path. As a Black American, my community could not understand my new insights. But I have studies many teachers but Neville is a keeper!. I thank you for this website and your work. The biggest lesson I learned, Feel It Real and Congratulatory conversations. Thank you!

  16. Felicity says:

    Good morning
    My frustration is that these rules doesn’t apply to all. How do you explain people who won the lottery and end up losing it to death, drugs, etc? Not everyone life is in order yet alot seem to win.

  17. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Felicity,

    What’s in your world – you are responsible for. Everything is given birth to, in consciousness.

    Ponder this, you’re feeling frustration, what do you think that will give birth to in your world?

    Moving to a more loving and lovely space – removes any space for frustration like that.

    Have fun!

    TT and V