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Neville Goddard Coffee Club – Happy Birthday Neville

Hey mate,

Today is a very special Neville Goddard Coffee club, where we celebrate Neville’s birthday and explore one of the biggest ways people block their blessings.

Let’s dive in.

Power Points:

Putting the power outside of you – always results in frustration and delay. It’s tempting to put the power outside of you – when people tell you WHY you are special.

When you believe you are special – or have special qualities based on a chart – reading – or alignment of the planets – you also give yourself LIMITATIONS and excuses to doubt – based on charts – readings – alignment of the planets.

Side note: In Manifesting Mastery, we have a week where we explore how Neville was an EXPERT Astrologer, and why he chose to give up astrology – so he would be 100% EFFECTIVE at this.

Neville says he gave it up, because as long as he believed in Astrology, he could always “find a reason” why something wouldn’t work out or why it didn’t work out – based on a chart or his astrological sign or the signs around him.  That gave room for doubt and also gave room to “something out there” is limiting his wishes and his power – which leads to FAILURE.

(Join us if you want to learn more, this one week in the 90 day program is LIFE CHANGING.)


Remember the truth about you.

You are one with God.  You are one with ELOHIM.   You are one of the many that make up the wholeness of God.  You don’t have to be special or have special qualities – you are A UNIQUE expression – of God – having the adventure of a lifetime here on earth.

Your unique drives, desires, and imaginings – expand the experience of God – because you are one with God. Just like how a wave is one with the ocean.

You can’t possibly separate a wave from the ocean, and you can’t possibly be separate from God.


Remember why it works: Not because of a secret law about the universe – that people kept away from the masses. That’s baloney. The reason it works is because of the OBVIOUS TRUTH about you. You are consciousness. As imagination you are one with the CREATIVE power. You are the wisdom and the power of God.

  • Imagine lovingly.
  • Remember the truth about you.

And every single day – you can choose to be reborn.

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Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Scott Hubbard says:

    HaHa ha Loved this one MR20/20 ,,, Im a April 1st baby too , sounds like lessons learned at the soul level .Man its good to be alive !! Free Free Free !! is best way to be !! Thanks again …

  2. Pooja says:

    Amazing as Always!!God Bless

  3. Twenty: Again, I want to say how I appreciate you for sharing Neville Goddard with the world. I love Neville and I love his teachingsalthough I am still having some issues with receiving clients and I am still alone without a male partner, which I desire to share my love and life with. I still love Neville, regardless as to how my life is moving at this time. I know that it is shifting as I write this. Thank you and Victoria again and again. For whatever I am doing or not doing, I love Neville and recommend you and him constantly. Be well and stay loved!!

  4. Thank you thank you. My daily study and practical doses of Neville and 20 20 fill my day. How blessed I feel – even though my manifesting is slow, I know it is with me. I share much of what Linda writes below. I love Neville, and I love 20 20 and I am love!

  5. Liz says:

    Happy birthday Neville

  6. Zarah says:

    Love the hat! And Emmett, and you TT, Victoria and of course Neville. Big hugs to you all

  7. Amber says:

    I’ve been meaning to let you know how much I appreciate what you and Victoria do. Funny how the strongest impulse came on Neville’s birthday. I love and absolutely adore this man. Neville is like the father I never had, the gentle guiding hand that helps me. What other teachers couldn’t help me with, Neville has. And he is just as alive in another plane… still helping.
    That is obvious with your love for him, Mr. Twenty Twenty. You perpetuate his wisdom, and give your own perspective as well.
    That’s so refreshing to a metaphysics junkie who’s had enough of the bs. Seriously.
    I’ve had success with Neville’s ways in a certain area that no other teacher has been able to help me with. The proof is in the pudding lol!
    Congratulations to you both on your cute little puppy!! Adorable!
    And, most importantly. THANK YOU BOTH for all that you give.

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for writing to us Amber!

    Feel free to make it a habit.


    TT and V

  9. John Granger says:

    Good stuff "mate" . I discovered Neville in October of last year and my life has taken some radical twists and turns since then and it's getting better all the time… I'm so excited about life and living it it's hard to sleep in any more… As soon as I wake every morning I start to imagine myself feeling as if and I'm having some great experiences… This is so cool…. Thanks for your teaching, I'll be back and I look forward to getting to know you better!

  10. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Nice having you here John!

    Keep diving in mate, it’s an AMAZING ADVENTURE we are on.

    TT and V

  11. Lauren Tripp says:

    I love your site. You really have such a great way of expressing Neville and BEING what you express! Blessings!

  12. Samuel Pagan says:

    Neville says he gave it up, because as long as he believed in Astrology, he could always “find a reason” why something wouldn’t work out our why it didn’t work out – based on a chart or his astrological sign or the signs around him. That gave room for doubt and also gave room to “something out there” is limiting his wishes and his power – which leads to FAILURE.

    please make correction..”why something wouldn’t work out our why it didn’t work out.” You awesome TT! I don’t want people to talk %^&* about your spelling. Good day mate:)

  13. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Done and dusted. Thanks mate!

  14. Llisa says:

    This IS pure gold. Well, aren’t they all – because it is the truth. Unadorned, almost too simple for the “buying’ public because we (the royal we, no longer I) are so addicted to busy-ness of achievement, or getting somewhere, to something… truth “seeker” itself designates… movement and activity and pursuit OF something that….well, we already are. Thanks TT V And E.

  15. Alessandra says:

    What a wise real(eyes) ation! Love it. Thank you.

  16. Jackie says:

    Loved this…but I have to be honest its a difficult one for me! I speak to psychic alot. I get what you are saying..just have to fight the urge! Thanks

  17. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Jackie!

    You’ll be done with that, when you are done with that….

    Until then… Notice WHY you are tempted by that….

    And keep diving deeper into Neville.


  18. kattalina says:

    this was a GOODIE!!! i esp. loved the bit about circumstance. i want to write it down somehow. never heard anything like that before!

  19. kattalina says:

    ya know what i cant figure out is how COME many mnay more people dont know about neville? esp when he supposedly was the one who inspired wayne dyer. plus neville has been around for a long time!

    i found Neville in a ” strange” way. I was following an ( EFT) tapping routine that i found on you tube and somehow there was a link for something neville— or– that guy, who is english– mentioned him. howevre i found him i am very grateful..

  20. Anne McDonald says:

    As always, deep thanks for the amazing work you do. With particular reference to this post, I truly love the way you “break it down.” Yes, the “hook” of astrology, or any of the offerings out there aimed at teaching us about ourselves but ending up in placing the power somewhere outside of ourselves, is the emphasis on “specialness”, as demonstrated by the astrological chart, or whatever the particular tool might be. And we are unique and special. And here’s what I most specially love about today’s article.
    “You are one of the many that make up the wholeness of God.” Beautifully said. Opens my heart right up! Love and thanks, TT,V&E!

  21. Hazel says:

    Hi there 2020 & Victoria,

    Thank you for all of your emails, and im always Happy & smiling everytime i got here on your site:)
    And more happier when i found out it happens me & neville have the same birth date Feb19 🙂
    No wonder why i felt much connected to his teachings and felt his soul.

    Thank you. Theres nothing much to say. Our vibration is the only thing that communicates the universe/god inside of us which who we really are.

    And i so love the fact that we are the creator 🙂
    I smile every morning when i wake up 🙂

    Thank you