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Neville Goddard and The Secret Of Prayer – Part 2

Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard lesson teaches you how to pray. Notice how this builds on yesterday’s lesson, not to make your prayer “the vain repetitions of words”, but instead to use Neville’s Secret of Feeling.

Let’s dive in:

“After smothering yourself in feeling, you have sent it on its way and cannot take it back, for prayer is nothing more than the subjective appropriation of an objective hope. Imagine by giving objective reality to your hope. Hair is the most objective thing on a man. Bring your hope so close that you can feel what it would be like if it were objective to you.” – Neville Goddard

kitchen_windowJacob covered himself with hair, so he would feel like his brother.   And since he felt like his brother, Jacob was given the blessings, that according to the tradition of the world, belonged to his brother – because he FELT like Esau to their Father.  Jacob felt like the one who is to be blessed.

Time to keep going:

“Clothe yourself in that feeling – and you have clothed yourself in the reality of an Esau. The world will not immediately reflect your feeling, but you have set your desire in motion and cannot take it back. You have given a subjective state your blessing by giving it objective reality. Now it must fulfill its destiny so that you will be blessed in all that you are doing.” – Neville Goddard

It is DESTINED for you to get your blessing. Try that on, let’s state it again. “It is DESTINED for you to get your blessing.  All you have to do is be faithful, and Follow-The-Formula.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. I just had an amazing session – this stuff really does work

  2. Paula says:

    The story of Esau and Jacob has always been one of my favorites. Now even more so!