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Neville Goddard and The Secret of Prayer – Part 1

Hey mate,

This week, you are going to learn how to Pray Powerfully – so that your life truly becomes what you choose. Let’s dive into the words of Neville:

“Praying, then, is recognizing yourself to be that which you desire to be rather than begging God for that which you desire.” – Neville

Prayer is an act of recognition. Prayer is not an act of assertion – which often feels like a demand – and is demanding.

rosie_red_whiteAsserting you are a millionaire is very different than recognizing that YOU are the one who creates either the state of poverty or wealth in your life – and you do that with your Inner Conversations and with your Feel It Real sessions.

POWER POINT:  Once you recognize that you are a WEALTH CREATOR, you will find yourself investing every moment of your time, every breath you take, every step you make – in creating wealth for you and for others to enjoy.  You’ll find pruning the vine becomes a lovely way of life, and that every moment you have a choice – to imagine lovingly or not.

“Prayer is the most wonderful experience man can have. Unlike the daily murmurings of the vast majority of mankind in all lands who by their vain repetitions hope to gain the ear of God, prayer is the ecstasy of a spiritual wedding taking place in the deep, silent stillness of consciousness.” – Neville

Remember, Neville says the God is the wonderful human imagination.    Most people are trying to impress upon the wonderful human imagination with endless begging and affirmations.    Neville says to do something very different.  Recognize – silently recognize – notice – you are what you have formerly desired.   Feel Your Ideal as Real NOW.

How can you tell if you are doing EFFECTIVE Feel-It-Real-Sessions?

You can tell if they enliven you, if they energize you, if they are simply a wonderful experience that you look forward to – and if they give you the gift of life that carries you during your day.  

To us, they are like the movie previews they show in the theater before the main movie.   A great movie preview, like a properly structured and focused Feel-It-Real-Session is a wonderful peek into “what’s coming soon” into your physical world.

Enjoy your feel it real sessions and remember – you are God, having the adventure of a lifetime.

Many Blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. Damian says:

    Thanks. Really grateful.

  2. Ninad says:

    Whenever I do my FEEL IT REAL sessions and I come out of the drowsy state, I feel as if the event actually happened. The next time I do the session, I feel as if I am just remembering the experience and it feels natural. Is this the right way? Thanks mate

  3. Jovan says:

    Yes! Yes! and more Yes!

  4. Riddhi says:

    Hi 2020,

    I use to visualize having piles of money on my bed,strangely yesterday that happened, however, that money on my bed belonged to one of my friend.

    So now I understand its being wealthy that you have to feel. Any suggestions for love relationships ?


  5. loateacher says:

    This is really good! I especially like the part about the “peek into “what’s coming soon” into your physical world”…good stuff!

  6. Angel Light says:

    Excellent article!

    Thank-You guys, TT & V, you 2 rock!