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Neville Goddard 7 Day Success Story

Hey mate,

This one is a goodie. It’s from Grant, who is on day 7 of Manifesting Mastery. In that week, we dive in with tiny seeming insights and exercises that free up the two currencies that all Master Manifesters need – attention and energy. That all begins with noticing what “triggers” your upsets and the almost “invisible imaginings” that create stuck situations in life.

Grant obviously is diving in, having fun – and seeing some fantastic and fun results. Let’s dive into his letter – because it has some great lessons.

Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria:

Glad to see your servers seem to be working well again. I’m greatly enjoying the class!

I’ve seen triggers falling away this week. I had a conversation with a colleague that went from him telling me about how he’d been triggered during our conversation, to him telling me that the triggering was his issue to deal with, not mine, and then wishing me all-well and giving me a big hug.

I, myself, understood, differently and more deeply than before, how people are choosing their imaginal activity and lives. I’m not even quite certain how to describe it, but it’s the awareness is there, present.

I’ve also noticed more deeply how it seems like people sometimes go into elaborate telling of stories of bad things that happened to them. So, instead, I decided to share a happy story with some friends and colleagues about getting my tires replaced.

I had bought a new set of wheels and matching tires online, and sought out a local shop to have them installed. The manager there quoted me $60 to do the work, including installation, balancing, and the rest. But when I got there, turned out that the lug nuts that I had on the car wouldn’t work on the new wheels, so the manager of the shop offered to sell me replacements for $1each. So, now we’re up to $80.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the old tires and wheels. I didn’t really want to throw them away and into a landfill, and yet I didn’t have further need of them. So, a thought showed up that I’d have to pay a recycling or disposal fee to get rid of them. Then I decided to “remember when,” and shift into the outlook of feeling good that the wheels were installed, and shifted to an idea that my old wheels and tires were disposed of in a way I felt great about.

The guys worked quickly.

Once the work was almost finished, they were packaging up my old, scraped-up hubcaps, wheels, and tires into the boxes in which my new tires had arrived, and they offered to load them back into my car for me. I explained I no longer needed the old tires and wheels, and offered to give them to the shop, since they also sell used tires. “How about I take them in exchange for the labor?” So, not only did I not have to pay a fee to have the old tires recycled or disposed of, but instead, all the installation was free!

“OK, great, but here – I still owe you for the lug nuts,” I said. “No, man, we’re good,” was the reply.

Later in the day, one of the tires wasn’t holding pressure properly. Turns out that one wheel needed another part to work properly with the tire pressure monitoring system. And suddenly, I needed to inflate the now-flat tire in order to get back to the tire shop for a fix.

So I hung out in the state of it all having worked out perfectly.

And… turns out a friend of mine at the office has an air pump powered by the 12volt socket in his car! “You keep one of these in your mini-Cooper?” I asked. “Yes,” he said, “even though I have run-flat tires.” I guess he has them to help others – well, it sure helped me out!

When I got back to the tire store, the manager insisted not only on repairing the issue for free, but also on giving me the needed part for free!

Don’t know if there’s anything here you’d feel like sharing along, but you can if you’d like.

Best and highest blessings,


Great share Grant. One that shows how powerful the Simple Shifts are. Good on you for diving into them and staying faithful to the state of your wish fulfilled. You are rocking and rolling mate.

Many blessings,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. claudiacv says:

    Wow! Great story! He sure is rockin it!