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Neville asks you a very powerful question today. – Free Neville Goddard Quote

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In today’s Nevile Goddard quote…

You will notice there are ONLY two ways you can experience ANY state, and which WAY you experience your chosen state – will determine if it ever fully manifests in your life. Let’s now dive into the quote of Neville.

“Now, buried in a state, you are a spectator of other states. But if you will rise from your present state and bury yourself in another, you will express it. If you can be what you want to be, why not become it? Why sit in a state you dislike and argue, when you can move into another state in your imagination? But once you have moved into the state of your fulfilled desire, don’t be like Lot’s wife. Don’t look back at your former state and preserve it, for salt is a preservative.” – Neville Goddard

So you get to notice, inside your imagination which states you are buried inside and which states you are a spectator of.

  • If you are buried inside of a poverty state – then you can ONLY be a spectator of the state of wealth.
  • If you are buried inside the state of being alone – then you can ONLY be a spectator of the state of being in a relationsihp.
  • If you are buried in the state of sickness – then you can ONLY be a spectator of the state of health.

The good news is, you can INSTANTLY assume your chosen state, you can do that right now.

Ask yourself, what would I be like, if I knew I had all the money I need, if I were in the ideal relationship, if I was completely healthy?

Free Neville Goddard See the world THROUGH the eyes of that man / woman. React in all ways to the world around you – as that man / woman would. Feel your ideal – your ideal YOU – fully now, and not only is this present moment more of a blessing for you and the world, you will invite into your life – through incidents that you can not possibly devise – the ways and means for your miracles to manifest.

All change begins with a change of state. All change begins with you changing which states you are buried in, and which states you are spectating. Move into, be immersed TOTALLY in your ideal, and it will become real in the physical world.

Enjoy the many miracles today offers you, by feeling your ideal as real.

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

To learn how to more effectively use the power of states – here are three hand selected resources just for you.

Recording:  You Create The State – Click Here

Book:  The Freedom Lessons – 75 Detailed lessons on states, consciousness, creation and more – Click here.

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  1. As A Man Thinks In His/Her Heart….So He/She Is….Again I Say…I Am The Thinker…That Thinks The Thoughts…That Make The Things!!!..

  2. Neville asks you a question, what is your answer? (It could be a game changer.) Enjoy and feel free to share.

  3. Cher newsome says:

    Beautifilly said!

  4. Conni Lewis says:

    Twenty Twenty.
    I signed up for a miracle’s coaching course.
    regretting it now.
    1. it’s not telling me anything I haven’t learned from Neville, Charles Hannel and others along this path.
    It is costly and I can’t help but feel the regret. I should have continued on with Just Neville.
    What suggestions do you have to help me get past the regret and manifest the money to pay for this costly error in judgement?
    All the best to you.