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Nela’s Super Success Stories – No More Cancer X 2 – What lovely wins!

isn't it wonderful neville goddardHello TT and V,

It’s my first time sharing my success stories with you guys.

“He doesn’t have CANCER anymore!”

Few months ago during a random conversation my sister-in-law told my husband and i that the brother of her best friend was diagnosed with a lung cancer and the chances he would survive was close to zero.

I didn’t accept what she said and before i went to sleep i did a session imagining her telling the us that he doesn’t have cancer anymore. A couple of days ago she came over to our house and she said that he was cancer free.

“Then I found my glasses the NEXT DAY!”

Few days ago I lost my eyeglasses and I searched for two days everywhere in my house. I got so frustrated and then i said: Wait a second, why don’t i use Neville to find my glasses. I did a session imagining having my eyeglasses on while I was doing some work on the computer. Next day i was cleaning the house and while i was removing the sofa i found my eyeglasses. I smiled and i said to myself – but i removed this sofa before and there was nothing there before. ??

“The doctor said it might be a TUMOR….  But I didn’t accept what….”

A month ago my mother-in-law was diagnosed with two masses in ovaries. The doctor said that it might be tumor. My husband calls me and tells me the news and i said to him- It’s nothing. Your mom doesn’t have anything bad. She is fine. The news didn’t shock me because I didn’t acceptwhat the doctor said and I didn’t give meaning to the news I heard.

The first week of Manifesting Mastery…

…has helped me A LOT to not to give meaning any news that I heard!  So, I did a feel it real session telling my mom the good news through the phone that my mother-in-law is healthy and doesn’t have cancer. I just knew it in my bones that she didn’t have cancer. Long story short she had an operation and the masses she had were cyst.

TT thank you so much for the Manifesting Mastery Course!

P.S If you’d like to share my success stories you have my permission!

Nela – Happy Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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Note: By law, the US government and a few other cranky agencies make us say that “these results aren’t typical”. I’ve personally noticed if I imagine being sick, I get sick. And if I imagine being healthy and kicking booty in life, I do that. Okay, we said it.


We also are gonna say there is ONE CAUSE of everything – including both SICKNESS AND HEALTH. Get that and you find freedom Nuff said, DIVE DEEPER AND BE THE BLESSING! Join us in Manifesting Mastery today!

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