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Nat’s There Are No Excuses Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

“You can be what you want to be if you know and apply this principle, but you are the operant power. It does not operate itself. You may know the law from A to Z, but knowing is not enough. Knowledge must be acted upon. “I am” is the operant power in you. Put your awareness in the center of your desire. Persist, and your desire will be objectified.” – Neville Goddard

Hello TT, V and E…

I haven’t been constant in doing my sessions or being regular as before in reading the emails. And I need to say that I have noticed a big difference in the way things in my life manifest.

For instance, a few weeks ago, I read one of your emails about our different senses when we do our sessions and I applied that to one of mine. I heard my girlfriend telling me how great it was that I had such success and how proud she was of me, how beautiful I looked. I felt her hand on my shoulder and her hug. I was even able to add a clean, fresh smell to that scene and I felt and looked great after that. I walked so happy for days.

Neville Goddard QuoteThis is what manifested:

My oven had stopped working for a while and I finally called Sears to find out it was no longer on warranty and that I’d have to find someone to fix it myself. Well I let it go figuring I’d get to it soon and didn’t worry about it. All of a sudden, the clock turned itself on and it’s been fine ever since. Same deal with my washer that would bug out from time to time and now, it’s fine.

I needed a few procedures done on my teeth. I’ve gone to my appointments confident and happy for the solution. So far, I’ve been able to pay for everything. Money comes as I need it.

One of my clents’s son was diagnosed with generalized cancer at the age of 38. He’s been in the hospital since June and it felt hopeless to a lot of people including the medical staff.

After she left me, I didn’t buy in to the people around me and their talk about how “horrible” it was. I saw that doctors don’t always know the future despite their stats and other people have come out of similar situations.

I continued feeling great about everything including my own life and I saw my client coming back to her following appointment with a smile and lots of hope.

Well, I just found out that a tumor in his back has shrunk significantly and he is responding so well to treatment that he was strong enough to go home.

I also got 4 new customers all by referrals.

When I don’t do my sessions, I begin to feel irritated with things and less confident. Little things start to happen. I catch a cold, my house is a mess, my 21 year old son starts feeling unsure of his future, I don’t like myself, my dog pees in the house…

All these little annoyances, if i remain aware of them, are indicators of exactly where I am in my imagination and all I need to do to get back on track is read one email per day (the appropriate one always shows up), do my Manifesting Mastery session plus my regular sessions throughout the day.

Every day, I see your emails pouring in. I see the post on Facebook.
The tools are in front of me, so are the results. There are no excuses.

Thank you for being so constant, so visible and obvious.


Nathalie from Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Greg Greene says:

    Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for the great reminder!! It shows how powerful we are! When we live from our imagination! Which is who we really are.

    Tomorrow I will live totally from my imagination! I will let you know how it goes!

    Your right, TT and Victoria are the best. There is a saying out there. Some people, Talk the Talk! But others Walk the Talk! These are the authentic ones!! Unless yo walk the talk. It’s just talk!

    TT and Victoria are the ones that live it!! I have been working with them for over two years now! My business has doubled in size! Which is great! But the real value is, the awareness that we are the operant power! And as we walk through our daily physical lives, our every thought, makes a difference! It’s very cool when you have the moments of, I created that!!!!!! And then to do it again, and again.

    It creates that muscle that leads us back to the imagination again and again! That feeling is incredible!!

    Be Well!!



  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Greg!

    As you know, I just love our calls, explorations and successes.

    This really is the adventure of a lifetime!

  3. veena says:

    Hi TT &V,

    Lots of love. Thanks for all of your work’s n mailer’s.Each day I derive my strength from them.

    God bless you.

  4. Samuel Pagan says:

    I feel so happy I love this stuff!

  5. Adrianne says:

    Mr. Twenty-Twenty, thanks so much for this website and all the incredible tools, emails and packets you offer. They have been very helpful in my life. I wanted to ask you if music or guided meditation is the same as going into the silence? Thanks for your help and stay blessed.

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Adrianne!

    They are different, than going into the silence.

    We notice heaps of ways to explore “the silence we are”. One of them is exploring triggers (if you do a search for triggers here on the site you’ll find some references to that), and another one is Noticing The Noticer, which we explore in the first of the Neville Goddard Simplified ebooks.

    A simple place to begin, is to just sit with “what’s showing up”, and notice it come, and notice it go, and notice YOU are still – here.

    Good on you for asking, blessings to you!

    TT and V too

  7. lisa says:

    Yes Greg and Natalie too! I could not agree more.
    Natalie – THIS is the perfect thank you to TT and V (and E)

    Thank you for being so constant, so visible and obvious.