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Natalie’s $65,000 Super Win!


Hi TT and V,

I have been meaning to write this for a while now. I wanted to share with you my manifesting story. This happened in November 2018.

I’ve been a Neville Goddard follower for a few years now and have enjoyed success with many of my “feeling it real” practices. This one, however, I felt was a good one to share.

For several years, I’ve been practicing feel it real sessions…

… around “I am successful”. I have worked for myself as a Personal Trainer for 21 years and opened my own studio 15 years ago. However, what I discovered with the “I am successful” imaginings that even though I was staying busy and getting clients, I still was in a continual state of financial insecurity, worrying constantly about money, “do I have enough? Will I have enough? How am I ever going to be in position to retire one day?”

So I thought about what I really wanted and it turns out it was “I AM financially secure” So that was the state I assumed day-to-day.


I would take my dogs to the park every lunch time and lie down (I live in sunny California) and visualize opening my bank account online and seeing a large sum of money in my account (I was actually focus on the numbers 1, 288, 718.00 for whatever reason!)

Anyways, I maintained this state for a little over a month.

Then it happened. I received a $65,000 inheritance from a 82 year old client of mine who had passed away in 2017! And there’s another $20,000 due in another 12 months! I remember a few years ago he had mentioned leaving me some money in his will, but I never really put any stock into it.

neville goddard

He have me $65,000 Dollars!

He was just a dear man who I liked helping him stay strong and healthy and would sit and chat with him and sometimes give him rides and run an errand or two for him, nothing I wouldn’t do for anyone really. I never imagined that would be where my “big money” would come from.

This proves to me that…

a) when you focus on the feeling and not on the how it will come about, it WILL happen, and b) it will feel so natural that you and others may say “well that would have happened anyway!”.

The Day I received the check….

I did my usual visit to the park and I remember saying to myself “Oh my goodness, this is EXACTLY how I felt during my feel it real sessions!” The reality and my imaginings were a complete match!!!  Proof that I had definitely been in the state when going about my days.

Neville is the bomb.

Thank you for sharing his teachings!

Natalie – January 11, 2019

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