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My Relationship Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

I had to write to tell you of the most incredible series of events. I took the Manifesting Mastery course as you know and of course my primary objective was wealth but my secondary was to reunite with my true love.

Well it happened that I found him on twitter and my sister encouraged me to make contact and my niece showed me how to send a private message without the eyes of all the followers. Well he wrote back and we’ve been speaking on the phone and face time several times daily for the past week and now he’s flying from New Orleans to Chicago this week to reunite!

It’s absolutely incredible! Not how I planned it but even better! I believe we will be married within the year and it will happen at the house I’ve been imagining buying with my lottery winnings! Say, do you have a divinity license to perform wedding ceremonies in the states? Love Neville! Love your course! I am a believer !! Just because it didn’t happen when and how I “planned” doesn’t mean it won’t happen!!! Keeping the Faith alive!

Amy from Chicago and Manifesting Mastery

(Big hugs and happy dance! Congratulations Amy from Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria)

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  1. MG says:

    Love it!! And thank you so much for sharing, this is an inspiration for the rest of us who is “working” on this subject as well.. Reminds us to never give up and just believe (and) trust:)

  2. Harsha says:

    Always nice to hear stories like this! Happy for you!