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Am I sabotaging my relationship? Free Neville Goddard

“Observe what you are actually doing on the inside, for that is what God sees; and what you are doing on the inside, you are doing in little tiny speech movements, and they are crystallizing in the manifested world round about you…” – Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Even if your relationships are perfect, the Neville Goddard lesson today – will help you realize your wishes fulfilled – as we explore Neville’s Reaction Principle.  Let’s dive in.

“I’m really focusing on making my inner voice consistently positive regarding my love relationship but I must be blocking something as not being reflected in the guy’s behavior. Maybe I have another tape running? How do I make sure? Should I keep the inner simple and do one idea at a time until it manifests in him?”  – Jennifer

Free Neville Goddard - I Remember WhenHi Jennifer,

You’ve shared a great question with us, that will help us all internalize what we call Neville’s Reaction Priniciple much more effectively – so you more reliably manifest the circumstances and changes you want in life.    Let’s start here.

We imagine that you are imagining yourself in a love relationship that is consistently positive, and you are looking to see changes in your partner’s behavior – that indicate that it it working better than before.

Shift your focus to noticing your behaviors instead of his, to see if you are fully entering into the state of the wish fulfilled.

  • Are you reacting – around your partner and in your life in general – from the place, where you would be if you were in that idealized relationship?
  • Do your inner conversations reflect this?
  • Do you remember when, your relationship shifted – from “ok” into one that is consistently positive?

Noticing these REACTIONS, will reveal if you are fully assuming the state of the wish fulfilled.

Remember, Neville defined “having an aim” as living from the state of the IDEAL you.   Noticing your inner world from these different angles will make your sessions even more powerful – by grounding them in your daily behavior.
That’s when things get AMAZING.
Have an amazing day, holding you and your loved one in mind – positively and with fun!
Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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  1. How to manifest a better and better relationship. Notice how simple this really is – if you are looking in the right direction.

  2. Eleasah says:

    Thanks for this. I applied this principle to my marraige and I fixed myself. I realized that his beliefs didn’t hinder my efforts to create a better life. It was kinda like saying, “I can’t be happy unless you ….”. Wrong! My happiness and ability to do whatever rested on me. I am so much happier and consequently, we are both happier. These lessons amaze me.