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My Husband’s Now Working Big Time – Feel It Real – Success Story

how_feel_it_real_works_neville_goddard_quoteHey mate,

Today we’ve got a goodie Feel It Real Success Story for you.   First,  tiny bit of background, Tameka’s been with us about six months, done the 90 Day Manifesting Mastery Program, is an active member of our facebook group, and has done a handful of coaching calls with us.

All the time, she’s been learning, about Feeling It Real, and about who and what she really is.   All this time, she’s kept on going.   And it is so exciting for us to watch what we know is guaranteed to work.   The truth about you is that you are the Operant Power.   You are what gives life to everything in the universe.   And the truth about Feeling It Real is simple too.  Just dive in deep don’t complicate it up with anything else and KEEP THE FAITH.

Because The Day You Give Up – Your Dreams Die.  Dive deeper, give them life and let them become your every day reality.

“There is only one God and Father of us all who is above all, through all, and in all. If He is in every being who says I am, and there is only one God, no one can accuse another; for God’s name is not he is, but I am. No matter what appears on the outside, I am its cause.”

“Assume full responsibility for the things you observe, and if you do not like what you see, know you have the power to change them. Then exercise that power and you will observe the change you caused. If you are truly willing to assume that responsibility, you are set free.” – Neville Goddard

creativepowerflowerHey TT and V,

Man oh man do I have a testimony for you guys.  One thing I do have to say is Feeling it Real is not that hard that we make it to be ….for real.  Because of me the man that married me life is totally changing, because of my Feel it Real sessions.

My husband is a Master Carpenter, for years has owned his own construction business and has been instructor for years (for others training facilities).

A few weeks ago I imagined him running his own training facilities, training young people in a skill and trade that he’s a Master in.  All of the sudden, contracts are coming out of the woodwork (no pun intended lol, about $100,000 worth), then his employer wanted to decrease his pay for some crazy reason.

I told the man who married me not to worry about it, he took my advice. Now people want to help us get the funding we need to help get this started.  The crazy thing is, the woman who’s helping us get the funding, I was thinking about her out the blue one day, and here she appears.

So many people want to help him make his dream come true it’s wild. I’ve been told him that it’s always been in him, but It took me to “Feel It Real” for all this to happen.  Yes I feel us sitting on that exotic Island. YAAASSS

Tameka – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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  1. Pooja says:

    Absolutely loved your sharing Tameka!! Yes Feel It Real is not so hard that we sometimes make it to be.When we are persistent and practise daily it gives us better than we have even imagined..Blessings to both of you!! Big Thanks to TT & V for this platform..Cheers!