My “ex-girlfriend” Success – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hey TT and V

At first I didn’t really understand what Neville met by selling everything you own to obtain the Pearl of Great Price, but I understand it now.

Giving up all my beliefs and not imprisoning my self with the facts of life because they have overflowed the world… And now I completely understand what the Pearl really is, it’s my own wonderful human imagination.

It is knowing that by obtaining the pearl it’s the only way to the Law and Promise. I really like the point you highlighted in Part 4. (We take one week in Manifesting Mastery to explore The Pearl Of Great Price Lecture of Nevilles, and that’s a week that becomes a favorite to many who share their success stories here.)

“Don’t prepare any argument or attack when you anticipate a problem. Feel from the end, know that the end is done – if it is done in your imagination.”

Wow that one was a huge A-Ha moment for me, because I do catch my self either having an argument or thinking of one in my head, or seeing something that I don’t want to see in my imagination.
But knowing that I can feel from the end at any and all times (especially when “The Facts Of Life” is being spelled for you by someone or something…
This really lifted me this week…

My week was amazing. AMAZING!

I did notice that I’m much more attentive subjectively and feeling more when I do my sessions…
A couple times this week I went without a session and felt myself very distracted and even a little doubtful, and yes I was.

But I changed that as soon as I could and felt great and already fulfilled as if my desire is a present fact.

love_heartsSo last week I saw Ana after doing a session around the movie…  This week my job had a very nice promotion to dine in at one of their other restaurants that included a 50% discount.
I thought to myself “wow I’d really like to take Ana to dinner, even though she has a boyfriend…”

Right then and there I decided to scratch that thought and assume I’m already in a loving relationship with her, and assume that I already went to this very fancy dinner. After my session (which included me telling my therapist that I went to dinner with Ana) I felt great!

Now mind you this was Sunday night when I did my session. I followed up with one more on Monday and let it be…

I haven’t talked to Ana in almost a month (besides a very confrontational conversation about a flash drive that I was trying to get back).

She texted me on Monday “how are you?”

I was reactive to that text. “What’s that suppose to mean?” Or, “Why? Do you even care?!”
And so on. It took me over 24 hours to reply because I was reacting to things that I was imaging meaning behind (great lesson from week 1).

Tuesday comes and my mom tells me that she and Ana had been talking here and there off and on… About random things… I heard news that Ana would love to come by but she wanted to respect my space. Reaction! I was struggling a lot the rest of the day, until I got home.

I wanted to feel different about everything.
I wanted to be able to talk to her civilly.
I did a session around me feeling good and happy that I replied civilly.
And at 3:00am I replied. “I’m fine. Hope you are too…” And felt great.

Oh and she also texted my dad an article about a man and his dog and that it reminder her of my
dad and his dog.

Well Wednesday was a huge shift because I decided to feel different about myself and my world,
and I started to live in the end, imagining from the end.

We didn’t only talk that day, we had lunch. When she left she gave me the biggest hug ( one that I was not expecting) very long hug. And guess what, we went to this fancy dinner later that night (when a month before she told me that “I don’t think I can do that with you if I’m seeing it with someone else.”)

I noticed I was trying to force other physical things to happen while at the dinner like her telling me things that she tells me when she loves me, or her kissing me etc.

Over all we had an great night. I was a little frustrated at the end because of how I carried myself with some of the answers I had to her questions, but the next day gets better.  My dad needed to pack and ship a huge order and needed help, I asked Ana if she would be willing to help after work because i had to work.

She was happy to. When I get home later that night I find out that not only did they finish everything but my dads car broke down and wasn’t able to deliver the packages, but Ana came and was my parents savior haha… Picked them up and the packages.

The next day is even bigger!

So I’m car-less at the moment and have been borrowing my dads suv.  Since his truck broke down he needed his suv on Friday, Ana texted me and asked what I was up to. I told her I was trying to figure out how I was gonna get to therapy and to work without a car. Long story short she lent me her car (I didn’t even do a session).

All day long for the past four days I’ve been changing my mental conversations that I’ve been having with myself and her to only conversations about us being in love and how happy and handsome I look to her.

We had lunch today and went shopping for her dad for Father’s Day and got him a kitten.   There is still some hurt there in our conversations and I really want those to change where there’s only love and health behind our conversations and between us. I know that when I really feel and expect it I will experience that part of creation, it will manifest.

I’m now very excited to experience this and am curious and how it’ll happen. Not worried about how just excited to see how, excited to experience it. It’s exciting just knowing that I am already that which I desire to be. Righteousness. Thank you so much.

Best regards and wishes fulfilled,
Jeffrey from Manifesting Mastery
Session 49

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3 Comments on "My “ex-girlfriend” Success – Neville Goddard Success Story"

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  1. Ni An says:

    I just love reading success stories about relationships and restorations.It gives me hope and courage as I am sure I will be writing my own story soon. Thank you

  2. ash says:

    Has anyone heard the example of the old lady who used revision to restore her relationhip with her daughter in law and grandson?

    Im confused about free will and attraction. How does one bring a relationship back without manipulatingb free will? Also how do u stay in the wish fulfilled without being delusional, i.e: im with X ( but ure really not?!)

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ash,

    Imagine the KIND of relationship you want, let it be invitational.

    It’s like us imagining a FULL SEMINAR this April. We will imagine it fully booked, and it will be, but we won’t make our happiness based on making YOU come to it. The right people will come, guaranteed, because that’s how we imagine it.

    Here’s the thing, I love going to seminars, that are a perfect fit for me. So I imagine people coming to our seminars, that are a perfect fit for them.

    Same with “love”.

    If someone you didn’t want to be with, MADE YOU come back to them, with “imaginal power”, how would you feel?

    I wouldn’t like it, I would in fact, feel like RUNNING from them. (This often happens.)

    On the other hand…

    Simply imagining being in the perfect relationship, with the kind of person you love to be with – is UNIVERSAL.

    Just like wanting the perfect clients in our workshops.

    Make sense?