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My Doctor’s Keep Asking – How Could THIS Healing Happen? – Free Neville Goddard Success Story

Hey mate,

Today we’ve got a very special success story for you.  Cope has been a member here, for about 18 months, he’s invested in the most common courses you’ve seen here, The Prosperity Pack, The Feel It Real Power Pack, and one that you probably don’t know about – MetaManifesting.

We’ve shared lots of quick, tiny emails back and fourth, and even did a live call once, which was good fun.  And now here we are, with Cope sharing the Neville Goddard Success Story of a Lifetime.   Let’s dive in, and remember to allow yourself to celebrate his wins, as your wins, because this is how everybody wins.

“There is only one God, one cause of all life. He is not only above all and through all; he is in all. The universally diffused individuality is in each one of us in his fullness. Dwelling in each individual bodily, the father sleeps until the storm is over. Then he awakens and rebukes the storm that he created during his sleep, and there is a great calm.”

“If you will accept this as your philosophy of life, and not turn to the left or the right, but claim you are solely responsible for the phenomena of your life, you will find it much easier to live. But if, at times, life seems too hard to bear, and you find a secondary cause, you have created a devil.” – Neville Goddard

2015-09-28 08.31.08-1Dear Mr. TT and Victoria,

Neville’s insights and discernments as to our true nature, along with your clarifications of his insights have, LITERALLY, saved my life….many times, and continue to do so!!

Growing up I had known there was something deeper spiritually than what was taught as “religion”.

And as I had read Neville’s books in the ‘70’s till 2000’s they meant something to me that I could not quite understand as it was always there asking me to search more.

And when I read your deeper understanding of Neville’s insights I felt bright light bulbs go off in my understanding of LIFE!! Everything became SO CLEAR!!

I have lived over 69 years young and I’m getting younger by the moment!! How can I say that? I’m glad you asked!!

I am a US Marine Corps veteran with 2 Traumatic Brain Injuries earlier in my life that had probably led to me a few years ago being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease up to Stage 3 diagnosis and now within the last few months using Neville’s insights all my diagnostic tools, MRI, CAT scan, blood work, etc. show clearness on the scans and ZERO symptoms of any kind.

And it’s like a FOG has lifted from my mental clarity as my AWARENESS has magnified exponentially!! Now the medical community wants to test me more as they don’t understand how this could happen!!!! WE KNOW, don’t we?

My other good news is that ALL my other bodily dysfunctions, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, enlarged prostate, blood in urine, etc. have started healing quickly. My urologist said he would see me in one year as no blood in urine (I had that for years, now it’s clear), my prostate has shrunk, my multiple nightly bathroom visits had dropped dramatically and even some nights I sleep thru the night. And my Primary Care Physician has okayed me to start, after I endured a compressive stress test, an exercise program to tone up my body!! My Beautiful wife of 46 years loves me doing this!!

There are LITERALLY many other positives continuously happening to and thru me and I can say with utmost confidence I AM GETTING YOUNGER EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY!! I FEEL IT!! I AM an example of my “WISH FULFILLED”!!



If Cope’s story inspires you, you might want to dive into MetaManifesting as he did.   Not many people know about this course, it’s a goodie, it’s how Victoria and I live.  Here is where you can get MetaManifesting


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  1. Bobbie Tunnicliff says:

    Dear Twenty Twenty: Thank you for sharing Cope’s experience. He is proof positive that your teachings of Neville works. My beliefs are same as Copes. God Bless you, Cope. Bobbie, the successful 80 year old.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Good one Bobbie!

    For everyone here, here is Bobbie’s Success Story:

    Bobbie’s $9,000 Success Story!

  3. Gail Moe says:

    What a magnificent story Cope!I am totally inspired and delighted to learn about your extraordinary reversal! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  4. valvacious says:


  5. E says:

    These Neville lessons taught by you Mr. TT Is truly life changing! I am so proud and inspired by you Cope! Amazing.

  6. Pooja says:

    Wowwww Cope!!! This is awesome stuff…Heavily and heavenly inspired…God Bless You

  7. Nat says:

    Bless you Cope. What a powerful story.

  8. Sam says:

    Thank you TT
    I felt a great gratitude flowing through my entire body because of this story 🙂 I love feeling that way!