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MUST READ – Testimonial from Mary! Success in just 3 Days!

how to manifest loveHi TT and V,

So today I have completed my 7th day on Manifesting Mastery course and it encouraged me to send you guys an email.

As my brief background I have been trying to practice new age stuff for 7 years with several hits and miss.

Since I know a little better now, I would say I have had 100% hits but most of the hits were the (opposite of what I wanted). I always had this discomfort that why am I so great at manifesting what I do not want.

In addition, having spent thousands of dollars and several courses and few years later I came across one of TT’s video on YouTube where he was explaining akin to sleep position. That led my curiosity to dig deeper into his program. Moreover, regardless of having several LOA coaches I heard Neville’s name recently through another course that I took and teachings resonated with me more than anything, which led me here.

My main area of focus is to manifest a relationship.

Now with bits and pieces of the information that I had led me to more frustration and confusion than anything else. Therefore, I purchased the Manifesting Mastery program, Feel it Real Power Pack and the Love Manifestation program with intention of manifesting a husband.

“On day 1, after the first lesson, I thought I would apply the teachings to something that was bothering me as a test.”

So I wanted to get in touch with a specific friend whom I have known for 25 years ever since childhood but lost touch 1.5 yrs. ago because of some guilt I had and because in my mind she was holding a grudge against me.

And the third day I got the sweetest message from her after 1.5 years without trying anything!

Since I have tried more than 2 dozen courses and teachers, I am qualified to leave this testimonial. This course is connecting the dots for me on:

  •  Why I manifested the bad stuff so easily and good stuff not so easily in the past.
  •  Why my perfect vision board gave me a sick feeling.
  •  Why my ‘more bigger goals’ seems so farfetched even after the “mental work”.
  •  Why visualizations methods were hurting me than helping me.
  •  Why not being in a happy state 100% of the time is not the deal breaker and is really not possible.

This course is providing me with the diamond nuggets such as:

  •  How to manifest the difficult stuff with same ease that I had been manifesting the bad and easy stuff.
  •  How to properly get in the zone.
  •  How to visualize that help you and not hurt you.
  •  How to stay in the state and when kicked out how to get back in the state..
  •  How to feel life from the God within you.
  •  How to experience life from the God within.

On my 7th day…

Like I mentioned, my living in the end is being in a healthy loving relationship and I do have someone in particular in my mind and the way things have been moving in last one week with the “consistency” have been nothing but amazing. My specific other had been contacting me once a week for over a year and this week I was able to get a contact every single day.

Since this is long-distance relationship, we have been planning a trip which kept cancelling last min (my fears pushed out) we have mutually postponed the trip at least 13 times in the past one year even where everything was already paid for.

We are booking another trip this Saturday!

Stay in tune for more follow ups as part of our honeymoon is in Australia ??

Mary R. in Manifesting Mastery!

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