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Free Neville Goddard – The Methods – The Mistakes – Part 1


“Would you do a little series on the mistakes people make? –  Harry in Pompano Bay 

Hey mate,

By request, this week, we are going to explore a simple THREE STEP method of Neville Goddard’s,  and those common mistakes that people make with each step – so that you can stop making them today and speed up your success right now!”

So let’s begin with Neville sharing The Three Step method:

“THE FIRST STEP in changing the future is Desire, that is, define your objective — know definitely what you want.”  

“SECOND: construct an event which you believe you would encounter following the fulfilment of your desire – an event which implies fulfilment of your desire – something which will have the action of Self predominant.”  

“THE THIRD STEP is to immobilize the physical body and induce a state akin to sleep. Then mentally feel yourself right into the proposed action, imagine all the while that you are actually performing the action HERE AND NOW.”

“You must participate in the imaginary action, not merely stand back and look on, but FEEL that you are actually performing the action, so that the imaginary sensation is real to you.” – Neville Goddard

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The Mistake Most People Make with THE FIRST STEP:

  • They don’t define their desire – in a SIMPLE AND EASY way.

Here is how we do it, how we define what we choose to experience simple – definite terms.  Keeping it simple – simple enough to FEEL is what activates the power.  Simple and clear enough that a CHILD understands it.

Here are some of our examples…

…of how to define what you choose to have in your life effectively.

  • “My wife and I enjoy lovely, intimate conversations.”
  • “We make plenty of money – doing what we love.
  • “I love my body.  I feel like I am in my 20’s”
  • “We have the most amazing friends, they feel like family.”

A major key with all those examples is this:

Each of these statements is EASY to FIND A FAST imaginal scene around, AND easy for us to FEEL FROM.


These are NOT AFFIRMATIONS that we say a bunch of times.  

Using these as affirmations is the least effective AND most stressful way to create change in  your life.

Tomorrow, dive even deeper into what to do next, and how to totally transform your world.

So for today…

  1. Start getting CLEAR AND DEFINITE about what you CHOOSE to objectify in your life.
  2. Let it be simple enough, that it would make sense to a child.
  3. Explore many different areas of your life – for DIFFERENT sessions.
  4. And KEEP IT SIMPLE like we did above so that you can EASILY FEEL IT.

And remember, if you are thinking ABOUT it, instead of FEELING FROM it – it’s gonna be way too complicated, and that’s going to get in your way.

Keep it simple, simple and inviting.

Have an amazing day!  And remember to live your day, feeling from the wish fulfilled!

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria.


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  1. Love the daily posting, this one is a huge help in getting clear focus.

  2. leonard worthem says:

    i just read this myself. yesterday. funny coincidence.

  3. Excellent summary of how to manifest what we DO want~ thank you!

  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hey Leonard,

    Great share mate. We notice TONS here that members in the group get on the same wavelength like that. Keep living it mate!

    Whooo yah!

    Mr Twenty Twenty

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Doprothy. Great to hear from you as always. Hugs from both of us to you!

    Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

  6. Thank you Dorothy! Lovely seeing your smile here. Hugs from me and Victoria!

  7. Thank you Susan! More good stuff coming up today! Blessings.

  8. Bill says:

    Thanks Twenty! I love examples of how to actually apply the methods…

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you Bill.

    Keep reading. Mucho more good stuff coming.

  10. Joan Heintz says:


  11. Snigdha says:

    Hi Mr. TT and V,

    Like you said, “I have a lovely life long relationship with a partner with very similar passions as me, who I can work with, play with, and have amazing conversations and cuddle with.” How would you construct a scene that implies that for example?

    Coz Neville suggested twirling a wedding band around your finger to imply you’re already married, so how would you include that with someone with whom one is playing, having fun and talking without wandering off on to “associated tracks” as Neville says?

    Thanks for the great stuff btw 🙂 as always!

  12. Janice says:

    Great stuff as always! So much has changed in my life since I found you and Victoria, thank you.
    I have a question though, I have the “Feel It Real” pack and I love it. It has really helped me in many ways, but I am having a problem getting my brain to calm down. I watched the video you shared a while back about getting in the state akin to sleep, I can visualize and “feel” the ladder now, but lately I just feel way to hyper. Any suggestions? Should I try a brain wave meditation? Or do you sell a sort of “stand alone” NLP that would help? Thanks again!

  13. Karen Dixon says:

    I just love this!!! Mr Twenty as usual you are AWESOME <3 <3 <3

  14. Nat says:

    So much joy in all this feedback! Love it! Thanks as always TT for the clarifying messages.

  15. Mario says:

    Many many thanks to you Mr. TT for your effort!

  16. Llisa says:

    Everyday, I enjoy more and more deeply your emails, generous lessons and insights. THIS is the stuff of greatness. Thank you so much.

  17. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you for being you and being here Lisa!

    Big love!