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Michelle’s Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Hi TT and V,

I’ve mentioned before that during the Manifesting Mastery program I had appropriated the fact that I am fit and muscular. The one thing I really wanted was for my trainer to let me use weights( as my previous trainer did). She is more of a cross fit trainer and uses a lot of resistance bands rather than weights. But I just kept believing that I am fit and muscular and an amazing thing happened; my trainer mentioned to me that she really sees how quickly my body builds muscle and she thinks I would really benefit from lifting weights rather than using resistance bands.

In this case it took several months for my trainer to come around (I didn’t mention a thing to her about this) but it did happen….

Now, I really want/need to go to Minot, ND by the end of this month. I did not have the money to do so. I just decided to appropriate the money, knowing it would come. Today a client of mine contacted me about another matter and asked me about my going to Minot. I told him I just don’t have the money. So guess who gave me $800 in cash today?

This particular manifestation took less than 48 hours from the time I appropriated it and just knew someone was going to pay my way (no one has EVER paid my way to anything before). So I have my flight and hotel booked and paid for I leave on February 20th.

The thing that I think is so important is this is easy.

I don’t have to do 13 different processes and have psychic friends do readings for me or meditate for hours on end or align myself with Abraham, Seth, or any of the myriad of people out there who are trying to teach how to manifest desires.

All the other stuff is just STUFF TO CLUTTER YOUR MIND.

I still catch myself getting in my own way (having stupid conversations in my head) but I turn them off real quick now because I know that by allowing those conversations I am allowing the seed to be yanked up out of the soil and nothing can come of a pulled up seed. The seed must be left in the ground to mature into the plant it will be, I keep it in the ground by continuing to believe my wish is fulfilled….not WILL BE FULFILLED but IS FULFILLED.

Another thing I’m aware of is I feel different, my perspective is changing as I realize more and more and I am able to notice things that really don’t help me in the wish fulfilled and I can just shut that stuff off, walk away.

I’m pretty excited about this and will be re-reading the 5 core lessons, they are so good.


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