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Michelle’s Moving Success Story Update – Free Neville Goddard

Hi TT and V,

I have one more week before I move and I thought I would write out the whole journey I’ve had with this house so that possibly others can understand how this can work for them.

In late 2013 I was looking on Craigslist for a new house and I found one nearby on Terry Parkway that would be perfect. The rent was $1,950 a month compared to the $3,000 a month I was currently paying. However, my lease was not up until March 1, 2014 and I did not want to walk away from my $2,600 security deposit so I did nothing about the Terry Parkway house.

In March of 2014 my son and I started looking for a new house. My heart was not in it. I was torn, went back and forth in my mind about moving or not moving. Finally, in July something happened here at our house that caused me to finally decide….we ARE moving. We looked at a few more houses and upon our return home one afternoon I remarked to my son that I sure wish that Terry Parkway house was available because it would be perfect.

The very next day, the Terry Parkway house appeared on Craigslist, at only $1,700 a month. We immediately made an appointment to view it and decided then and there this was our house.

The owner required all kinds of hoops be jumped through in order for us to get this house and I told my son that unless this is easy, I’m not doing it. I filled out the paper work for the owner and she called me on the phone with some questions. The final result was without any proof of income, without any proof of employment, without jumping through any hoops at all, the owner said she wanted us as tenants and the rent would be $1,600 a month.

While I was thrilled, I was worried. This all happened really fast and there was the issue of paying my August rent at our current location ($3,000) plus the security deposit at the new house ($1,500), plus the first months rent and pet deposit ($1,950) on top of the regular monthly bills and expenses. Where was this extra money going to come from…..NOT MY PROBLEM TO SOLVE.!!!

What I did was choose a scene that implied I live in that particular house. I chose a scene of a housewarming party happening in that house. Every single time my brain would suggest I was running out of month before I had enough money to cover everything…..I sat down and entered the state akin to sleep and saw myself and all my friends chatting and laughing and enjoying my new house.

Guess what happened? Everything has been paid, my income is way over what it normally would be at this time of the month and a week from tomorrow we move to the new house.

1. I decided what I wanted and I was definite about it. I wanted to live in that Terry Parkway house, hassle free, no jumping through hoops.

2. I did my feel it real sessions seeing myself and all my friends enjoying the new house.

3. I did not allow my brain to wander to “what if”, “how”, or any other question that would imply I was not going to live in that house. I “pruned the vine”, stopped the thoughts that were counter-productive to getting what I want.

I got out of my own way and it has been the fastest month of my life, has flown by and everything has just fallen into place.

I am so grateful to you and Victoria for having the website on Neville and teaching me this stuff. It is amazing how it works and it’s great fun to see how everything just works together.

Michelle from Manifesting Mastery

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  1. Flavio Naiberg says:


  2. Star Dancer says:

    wonderful to read this

  3. Ebby Eyz says:

    Exellent! Neville would be so proud. 🙂

  4. Nat says:

    Wow! Thanks a million for this post. I have been wandering a bit in my resolve lately. Hearing this helps set me straight.

  5. Nat says:

    Wow! Thanks a million for this post. I have been wandering a bit in my resolve lately. Hearing this helps set me straight.

    Intersting how the rent kept slipping down. Also impressed by the strength of defining exactly what you want. Reminds me of a another success story where the person definitely wanted a red mountain bike, and passed on a offer of one that wasn’t.

    Great stuff!

  6. Pooja says:

    Dear Michelle
    Heartiest Congratulations!!!
    You inspire me. Loved the way you said that you got out of of own way and did not entertain any counter productive thought…God Bless You

    Many many thanks to TT & V…These success stories just keep making my faith stonger every time.It is a pleasure to hear about fulfilled dreams.God Bless you both

  7. Dennis Ngao says:

    Wow that was so wonderful. Kindly share more and more. Thankx