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MC’s Merry Christmas – Neville Goddard Success Story

Hi TT and V

I have a success story to add to your arsenal.

2015 was by far one of the hardest years of my life. I was changing so many things in business, my life and my energy. I am a powerful manifestor for sure but due to some huge ups and downs I felt like I lost my way.

I would do all of the processes but right at the last minute I would be hit with a huge wave of doubt and poof the end result would vanish. I was constantly heartbroken, frustrated and confused. I felt abandoned and sad. BUT I kept going.

I realized that I was straddling 2 lanes that of belief and trust and then the lane that was dictated by physical circumstances which caused doubt and fear. Push me pull you energy was putting me in severe danger. So I decided I needed more hours of positive focus with no doubt. I intuitively heard “listen to Neville in your sleep.”

So I put headphones on and played a playlist of Nevilles lectures over and over as I slept. I also listened during the day to saturate my mind with the process and not give my doubt any more power. Being so sensitive and intuitive amps up your manifesting power and it can really work against you if you are not all in one lane.

santaWell I had moved across the country and due to all the upheaval I had not been able to see my family for 18 months. I felt so trapped and missed Thanksgiving too this year.

My 83 yr old mother was devastated but I promised her that I would be home for Xmas.

I kept listening to Pure in Heart and even meditated on what Abdullah would say to me. I stayed focused on sitting in front of the tree in my mothers home with my niece and nephew saying “this the best Christmas ever!”

Well Xmas eve came and I was still in California, no way home in sight. I was about to start planning Xmas dinner for me and my cats. And something said “No! You are going home.”

I went to do my routine email check and lo and behold there was an email from a friend I had not spoken to in years. She said “I have a bunch of flight miles and have checked the flights and would like to send you home to see your family on Xmas.” OMG!!!!

We booked the flight and within 12 hours I had he pet sitter booked, bags packed and on a non stop flight to New Jersey on Xmas day! I got to my mothers house and hugged her and said “You see! I did it!” She, who has been my biggest critic said “Yes! I believe now!” And I sat with my niece and nephew in front of the tree just as I had seen.

This built my confidence. Finally a major manifestation came all the way through!

And it gets better. Because I then said I want to now travel in luxury. I booked a car to take me back to the airport.

I paid for a sedan but kept saying I was traveling in luxury. Well the driver arrived a half hour early in a big black Escalade like the Kardashians use lol and dressed in a black tuxedo! I was the only passenger and there was candy and bottled water etc in the limo waiting for me! And my seats on both flights were upgraded to business class!

heart_christmasNow I can say I don’t just believe, but I KNOW from several experiences that it works. And that just boosts the power and confidence to let more in. I was using my power to prove myself wrong. Now I reversed it and keep proving it right!

Thanks for the emails and I will keep you posted on the next big accomplishments!

Hugs to you both!

M.C.  – Manifesting Mastery Graduate

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  1. yulanda says:

    Awesome! wonderful testimonial. You are an example of what is possible when you persist.