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Matt’s 7 Day Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Hey mate,

Today’s Neville Goddard Success Story centers around JUST FIVE of the most powerful words in the teachings of Neville. When you get this, your Feel It Real starts growing BIG TIME.

“Your reactions create your reality.”

And when Victoria and I developed Manifesting Mastery back in 2012,  we decided to do what nobody in the Law of Attraction movement was doing.  Instead of teaching you heaps of stuff about manifesting right away, we decided to dive deep first into what sets the stage for massive results.

“Your reactions create your reality.”

So the first 2 weeks of Manifesting Mastery are devoted to eliminating the unconscious triggers that have pretty much everyone in the world – manifesting exactly what they don’t want.  Let’s dive into the words of Neville, and then share Matt’s first 7 days in Manifesting Mastery.

“Our seedtime is that moment in time when you and I react to anything in this world. It may be to an object, it may be to an individual, it may be to a bit of news that we have overheard, but the moment of reaction, that emotional response, is our attitude.”

“Our attitudes are the seed times of life, and although we may not remember the seedtime or the moment of response, nature never forgets, and when it suddenly appears in our world…” – Neville Goddard

leadlightHi TT and V!

I wanted to start by saying that I have practised daily meditation for 14 years and taught it for 12.

So I am very familiar with the concepts in the first week’s sessions.  Funnily enough I completed the entire “A Course in Miracles” programme about 14 years ago, which as you say, some of the first week’s practises are loosely based on.

That said, I’ve found this first week of Manifesting Mastery has been very useful. This is because it’s a fresh perspective for me, adding in the wisdom of Neville’s teachings, and your own experience, and because of how you’ve structured and presented it in a very light, accessible, friendly and practical way. I’m very glad that there is both audio and a written transcript, as I feel both are essential to fully absorb the content.

The greatest benefit has been learning methods for creating “wiggle room” in the mind, as you phrase it!

A space between something happening and my reaction to it. Whether that is something I am thinking, feeling, seeing or hearing, or indeed tasting, smelling or touching.

That awareness has helped me to stop reacting from old patterns of response that are, as you point out, largely negative, often creating self-depreciation, worry or negative judgement of someone or something.

Practising the sessions, and being more aware of happenings in the day that pull me into waste or negativity, has been very useful.

That silent space in my thinking, which grows with practise, allows me to apply the brakes and put a ‘full stop’ to any negative response, and go into neutral still state. Even if this is done momentarily, from there I noticed I started to automatically engage in seeing the positive, and the best in things and people, and circumstances quite naturally. That is a gift.

I am looking forward to day 8 and beyond!

Many thanks so far, with best wishes
Matthew – Day 7 – Manifesting Mastery

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