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I Found My Life Purpose – Neville Goddard Success Story

Dear Mr. Twenty Twenty and Victoria,

I want to share with you two precious jewels, how your Manifesting Mastery Course has benefited me thus far. I will attempt to express this as best I can but it’s so all encompassing I’m not sure I can.

First I should mention I completed the course about ten days ago. As I went through the course I went through periods of feeling like I was really getting “it” and “this is great”! It’s working! Then I would seem to slump, start to resist and feel like I’m not getting it, it’s not working. And not really wanting to do my sessions.

Now, I have had an enormous breakthrough. I have fought and resisted every way I could for many years doing what I now know I need and want to do. I have known for over twenty years that I am a spiritual teacher, but I couldn’t figure out the specific path. I just couldn’t fully move forward with it. I did some work in that area, and I did work with some people in an informal manner. That has all opened up to me this week.

You see, my path requires me to peel back the walls, layers, lies, fat, mask. All that protection is what I would not, (wasn’t ready….didn’t feel safe to) let go of. My path is to work with women and girls struggling with feeling disempowered, and lost, coming from abuse, neglect, alcoholism etc., using fat and other things, to protect their feelings of vulnerability.

It’s to lovingly guide them, through my own journey, to their discovery, of the great Treasure, their true power within…authentic empowerment. You see, while I wanted to do the spiritual work, this is the absolute last area or niche I wanted to work in. That’s my own history and I didn’t want any part of working with that particular area. Again I didn’t want to open those vulnerable places. So a lot of inner conflict.

Through your course, I was able to release so much of this “protection” and get to my true power. I knew it was there and have experienced it in the past, but I was afraid of the exposure required to live from it. I just couldn’t trust it that much. With authentic power, I am now ready to open, (and have been doing so through the course). Thank you!

This was far more my desire or my “wish fulfilled” than anything else at all. I am deeply grateful.

By the way, I have a lot of change, which I’ve accumulated over a good many years. So this week my brother piqued my interest in coin collecting. We’ve went through a good bit of my coins and so far, there’s quite a few with a good deal more value than I ever would have thought. One penny worth over $40.00! Woo Hoo! Several other goodies and there’s much more to check out!

All that “treasure” just waiting to be discovered…as is the treasure within each of us, just waiting to be discovered!

I will stay in touch and intend to repeat the MM course. I’ll update you!

Mary from Manifesting Mastery

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4 Comments on "I Found My Life Purpose – Neville Goddard Success Story"

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  1. Zarah says:

    Beautiful, keep going!

  2. Paul Rattray says:

    Are the lessons presented in The Prosperity Pack and others in the same format as presented here on the site?

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Paul,

    Manifesting Mastery has a daily lesson, on hidden pages only members see. You get an email once a day to those. They have both a written lesson, and an audio each day. Both are pretty quick and good fun (and life changing as you can tell from the success stories.)

    The other packs are all 100% downloaded after you purchase. Thank you for the great question!

    Blessings to you mate!

    TT and V

  4. Greg Greene says:

    Hey Mary!! Good on you!! There is Gold to be discovered! And guess what? The gold is in
    you!! You are beautiful keep discovering and keep prospecting. It's all an inner game. Iv'e tried the out game like many of us for years. Frustration, pressure, it's all there. With Nevilles teaching the power of the universe, life itself is there for you. Being part of Free and Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria is your ticket, anyone's ticket to creating a life that is fun, amazing, peaceful!!

    Think about how great it is to wake up every morning and be excited about the physical world!!! And to be excited to go to sleep and voyage through the nonphysical world!!
    Wow. Get the feeling and Dive In!!!

    Be well!!