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Manifesting Money Action Pack 1 – Four Stories and Four Steps

“The manifesting money action pack is fantastic!!! It’s very inspiring and motivating, lots of ideas and tips and also has helped me so much in figuring out how I am blocking my abundance not just money but all areas of my life I highly recommend this.

I’m buzzing now! Twenty Twenty explains things in a clear and fun way I can’t wait to see the results of my new thinking ~ thank you so much Twenty and Victoria


manifest_money_neville_goddard_quotesWho else wants to make and manifest more money – using the principles of Neville Goddard?

You asked us for help with making and manifesting more money. We listened.

So let’s call this the Manifesting Money Action Pack.

You are getting  TWO high energy – straight to the point recordings PLUS The Handbook.  No fluff.  No filler.   Just Solid Gold Nuggets you can use IMMEDIATELY – to change your financial situation – now.

If I had God like powers (which I believe we do) – I would create a Fast Action package that could solve just about anyone’s money problems, one which they could put into place in just about an hour.  I want you to know, your responses to the survey and the emails you have sent me in the past week, have inspired these recordings.  Thank you for your sharing with us what matters most.

Part of what keeps us stuck – are the stories we grew up with or adopted around money – prosperity – and life.  Part of what transforms us – is deliberately adopting NEW STORIES from people we admire and trust.

So let’s start changing those stories – and activating your IMAGINATION.

In the recordings – you will hear the stories of four really amazing – yet totally average people – who have ended their money worries – by simply imagining new ways of getting money.

You’ll meet Tommy the Treasure Hunter – who finds treasure all the time – hidden in plain sight – you’ll be surprised by how he is blessed and what you will learn from him.  He LIVES NEVILLE like almost no man I know.

You’ll meed DD, who noticed PURE POTENTIAL right in front of him – hidden in plain sight – in his neighbor’s yard – and how he took that “hidden treasure” and using the POWER OF HIS IMAGINATION – started a string of very profitable businesses.

You’ll meet Bargain Betty, a divorced mother who refused to roll over and die, and who now receives blessings of $150,000 a year – while doing some very simple cleaning “work” that almost anyone can do.  Where most people saw nothing, Betty IMAGINED an empire.  Here and her family are FINANCIALLY FREE.

And you will meet my good friend Eddy, who found an amazing source of income and started making BIG money BECAUSE his boss told him to clean out his desk at work.  What he found inside it changed his life forever, because he saw with his MINDS EYE what was possible.

And you’ll learn more about my personal story, how I stopped struggling day to day trying to find people to help, train and each, and how I ended up online, helping people like you all over the world live their visions, have a deeper sense of purpose, and helping them exit the madness that society tries to program us all with.


  • You’ll be getting a second recording “The Mystery of Money – Solved”.  Again, inspired by an amazing conversation with someone here in the Free Neville Community.  Four simple steps to STOP what’s blocking – what you need in life – so that you can LIVE IN THE FLOW and be blessed – and bless others full out.  Take these four steps, make them yours, print them out, and LIVE THEM for just 30 days – take the 30 day challenge – and prove to yourself that THEY DO WORK.  Every Single Time.  No exceptions.
  • And you’ll get the Handbook.    It’s not a backbreaker.  Just 10 pages.  Straight to the point.  So that you don’t miss anything from the recordings.  And so you can take notes and write out your inspired action steps.  It’s vital to you getting it all.  Straight up.

So now Click the button and discover how affordable we have made this – for everyone here – because we want to see you PROSPER and MULTIPLY the blessings of our group here.

And thank you for being here, and being you,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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  1. Denise Jones says:

    I would like to see how I can apply these methods to get married. For some reason, I feel stuck. It has worked in the past.

  2. GDW says:

    I was first introduced to Neville 15 years ago via Reverend Ike – Frederick J. Eikerenkotter in Harlem. He absolutely swore by Neville and had been using his principles for decades. I had a difficult time, though, in coming across his writings until very recently, when they started showing up on YouTube.

    I must say, however, Mr. Twenty-Twenty, I do appreciate your contemporary take on his teachings – having come through a very “rough” patch, my ability to use my imagination to get me out of, instead of into, problems has been somewhat damaged.

    Thanks for your research and your good works. I’m working on money/prosperity/ love/marriage/happiness/joy; a beautiful home/ fun/ travel/ health – all wrapped up in a beautiful package – a gift just for me – with plenty to spare and to share. Nevillizing my desires is a lot more real to me now than not having it happen. I will keep you posted.

    Stay Blessed – GDW

  3. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Thank you GDW!

    We love giving here, and greatly appreciate when people share with us their stories, and their blessings.

    May you be deeply blessed today and everyday,

    Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

  4. Cynthia Heather Stringer says:

    Yes you can. Imagine who you desire and become that now.

  5. Maureen McClements says:

    Hi, can you please tell me the name of each of the recordings included in this package? I am not sure what I am purchasing. Thank you.

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Maureen,

    There are two recordings, Manifesting Money and The Mystery of Money Solved. And there are the printout sheet too.



  7. Maureen McClements says:

    Are these Neville’s recordings? Manifesting Money and The Mystery of Money Solved. Or something that is your own recording? Thanks you.

  8. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Maureen. They are recordings that we did personally.


  9. I ordered Manifestation of Money Pack and did not receive it. Please send it immediately. Thank you.

  10. Hi Linda, Just sent you a backup copy of your download page to your email. We show that we sent you an email on the 17th when you ordered as well. Please check and see if our emails are getting stuck in your spam filters. Many blessings, TT and V

  11. Just checking to see if you got the email we sent you about 10 days ago on this Jan. Blessings.

  12. And just sent you a private message here with it too. Facebook says it is in your "other messages" folder. I am not sure what that is. 🙂

  13. TT: Would it say Manifesting Money Pack or something else. I don't see it at all in spam or in my files. I was about to order it again and then saw your email below. Thank you. I really need this!

  14. Hi Linda, I don't know why it isn't reaching you. Can you add me as a freind, so I can send it to your directlyl here. Many blessings!

  15. Hello Twenty Twenty! My name is Rob. I purchased Neville Goddard’s audio mp3’s (with his actual voice) and his written Lectures a few years ago. The two audio mp3’s you are selling now, were they sent with my audio and written lectures a few years ago, is that something that came with what I purchased and didn’t get? Thank you very much,

    Robert Gholston

    p.s. If I didn’t receive them and was suppose to, can I have them please? If I wasn’t suppose to receive them back then can I purchase them now please? Thanks again.

  16. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hey mate,

    Just resent a copy of your download page to your email mate. They are from the only order we have on file for you. As you can tell, there are many many more audios available on the site as well. Enjoy and many blessings,

    TT and V

  17. seems like your payment processor does not include Nigeria. wanted to make a purchase to try your materials. am a fan of Neville since Mr Fire (Joe Vitale) had a chaptger on Nevillizing in one of his books. can you please look into that?

  18. hello again. I was expecting a kinda reply about my concerns.

  19. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Ricky,

    Sometimes it takes a few hours mate.

    If you can do an amazon email giftcard to for the products you want, we can manually process orders for you mate. Unfortunately we don’t have any other way at this time to work with nigeria.


    TT and V

  20. Richard Gard says:

    20-20. Can i print this out. I am not a comp geek. Eick in fka

  21. Arthur says:

    The Handbook that comes with the Pack, is it a written version of the tapes? I ask because the rural area where I live I have a very hard time streaming videos.

  22. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Arthur!

    It’s not a transcript mate, they work more hand in hand.

    There aren’t any videos in this product, just audios you can download pretty quick.

    Blessings to you Arthur and email anytime,

    TT and V

  23. I mailed for manifestation of money not getting it

  24. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Rupali!

    I’m not sure what you mean mate, if that was a technique you learned somewhere else or if you meant you ordered this pack from us. If you ordered the pack, shoot us your email (the one you used for the order too if it’s different) and we’ll email a link for it right away. (We don’t see your name in our orders here.)


    TT and V

  25. Sazali says:

    Hi there Mr 2020,

    Recently purchased Prosperity Pack and finished listening. I’m listening and reading it for the 2nd time (seemed to have problem absorbing it the 1st time).

    Two things though. I have problems “feeling-it-real”. I mean I can see myself being in the situation I want to manifest but can’t “feel” it. Secondly, my picture is fuzzy. I can’t make it sharp and clear.

    Appreciate your help. Thanks and regards

  26. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Sazali!

    Good on you for diving in mate, and good on you for noticing what your problems are.

    Actually, they are STARTING POINTS.

    Remember, you’ve been “imagining” unconsiously all your life. You have developed some good habits and some not so effective ones. And you’ve developed strengths and now you get to develop new ones.

    Keep practicing. That’s the big key. And keep diving into the PP lessons and when you are ready join us in Manifesting Mastery too if you are drawn to it. It has heaps of tiny little exercises that move the bits around that need moved around, for effective manifesting and for fully living life to the max.


    TT and V tooo

  27. Khushboo shah says:

    Hi I want to buy this program i do not have a credit card or paypal . How can i buy the program kindly help me. Also if there is any group on faceebook please add me there

  28. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Khushboo!

    We don’t have a special facebook page for this offer, just our general one.

    Not sure how else to help you pick this one up, we do have people who send us payment in the mail, in cash for products once in a great while. It’s not possible for us to take overseas checks, only payment in USD.