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Glad I went ahead and got the Manifesting Mastery course. I loved the NLP of Money (bonus), it was worth the cost of the Manifesting Mastery course alone.

Manifesting Mastery Course- Week 1

I have kept a gratitude journal daily (21 items a day) for about 4 years, so I am used to recording good bits.

I used the showers of money picture from Neville to get an offer from a partner that increases and adds more regularity to my income. I changed it to imagine finding money around my home on the ground on the way to my car. I actually am one of the few people who cannot form pictures in their head. I see “black” only. But I am a claircognizant, so instead of seeing it I just think the picture until I “know” it and then feel it. Very important for folks to know that for the few of us that can’t create pictures this still works-its the feeling we have to get to!

This week I used my visualizing to get 2 celebrity guests for my online tv show that will air next week during Small Business Week (Sally Hogshead and Les Brown!). The facts and timing looked grim being the week before the show and I just pictured myself taking pictures with Les after the interview and showing up to do more work with him. I pictured myself and the show’s executive producer high fiving with a wine after the week wraps.

Wonderful little Blessing at 2 Grocery Stores…

I ended up at a Costco grocery store just in time to help the sweetest little old lady by fetching a motorized chair and driving it with her in it to her car. I felt so blessed I could help like that. While we were rolling she told me the most amazing thing-her son and daughter-in-law who were married for 15 years wanted kids and just had a healthy little girl-mom is 43. I myself will be 41 soon and still waiting for my true mate and I want to have children. I had been thinking good thoughts about having children and guessed if the guy found me soon, perhaps I’d deliver at 43.

What a blessing it was to hear this story!! While riding that wave of love, I went to the next grocery store. I grabbed a few bananas, cheese dip and 3 dark chocolate bars. Just as a lane opened, a woman with a lot in her cart turned into the lane ahead of me. I noticed my head imagining things. Why didn’t she let me go first? I noticed it without hooking into it. Then she noticed me and offered me to go first, but too late!

Cashier had already started on her stuff. I was happy to tell her it was no big deal because I was proud it actually wasn’t. I noticed her shoes and complimented her and shared my good feeling. She spontaneously decided to buy my groceries! That has never happened to me. I’ve never even heard a story of it! I told her I received her blessing and she asked I pay it forward. I told her of my good deed for the little old lady just minutes before and how swift the Universe was in returning that blessing to me. I was blessed, she was blessed and the cashier. And now I am on the look out for an opportunity to repeat that stunning act. Never has a $7 gift felt soo huge to me!

This is long where I meant it to be short. Please share what you like. I have been blessed by other’s testimonies so I’ll pay that forward too. I am glad to start the lessons and I just wanted you to know that I was one of the “come on come on come on” get to the “good stuff” people but can see in hindsight (okay, I’ll say it, 20-20 hindsight) I’ve gotten good out of the slow first days. I also discovered I imagine a lot of baseless negative meanings into non-action and silence. My ego likes to fill up vacuums with its speculation. Glad I did every exercise. I started to skip this one and thought, nope. Consistency is important.

LOL, I think my email is looping. Oh well. Thank you very much, I look forward to what I receive from you. I am always led to my next teacher and its nice that I can actually correspond with you-a living mentor is an awesome gift.

Tanya Stewart, Esq.
Atlanta, GA

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  1. Veep says:

    Great share Tanya!! I read so many things in your message that I have already received or stuff that I am working on. Amazing! I was just like you too- impatient to get to the good stuff! In the end the initial stuff was necessary to rewire old ways of thinking. No more imagining of things that don’t serve me.