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Hi TT and V;

I am going through the Manifestng Mastery course for the second time, and find it much richer than even before… no doubt because of my additional “depth” and growth…. to allow more in and assimilate more.

I listened to Victoria’s story about her friend, long lost and recovered…. and when I heard this story the first time, I remember it cause my dear, long lost very special friend Anja to Pop Up in my head and heart. She disappeared, quick responding – years ago, without any understanding of what had happened between us.

Over the years I reached out to Denmark, and caught her husband but not her. I know this is true because I lived there for a long time and that dear boy does NOT answer the phone unless he is the only one there. AND, I had to use a calling card which would cover any blocked number etc….

So, I was increasingly light hearted and inviting over these years as I deeply, truly returned only to the genuine affection I have for this amazing woman, and long ago let go of any stories I could make up in my ind to try to figure it out.

So I am listening to Victoria’s story, soap and had written cards…. and Anja reached out in Skype. Just now.

Beautiful. We are so connected.

My work with you, my “work” with you, my thinking of you, my sharing with you, my learning with you….opening me up, all .

I love you both so much.

Thank you again for the course. Now I am going to listen to the rest of the story…of 2020’s part of the story.


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