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Manifesting Mastery Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Hi TT and V,

I just love this program, I have paid many hundreds if not thousands of dollars on personal development products and coaching over the past few years and I just have to say for a fraction of the cost this Manifesting Mastery program and your teaching has given me so much more than all the others put together in such a simple and powerful way, with results…. This is amazing.

I went to the chiro (as you suggested) for my sore neck… He sent me for a full spinal xray (bulk billed because the chiro has a deal with the xray people so I don’t pay the normal $400).

And because I had his special offer brochure, which just happened to turn up in the mail addressed to a previous tenant on the day I was looking as too where to go I received my first 2 visits free of charge.

So I am doing the feel it real sessions of… “this is the best chiro session ever” for 2 days before seeing him and now after 5 visits the difference is amazing, at least 50% less pain. It turns out that the neck problem I have experienced is due to a car accident that I had almost 30 years ago….

(TT and V note:  And it keeps getting better and better.   Notice what comes next, and this lovely way Lyn uses Revision.)

So I have been doing sessions also where I am driving the car a lot slower and rather than have the other car slam into the side of my car at a cross street, I see him speed past just in front of me and missing so there is no accident. The chiro also informed me of a little known way that because my condition is classed as chronic that he has given me a letter for the GP who will give a referral back to the chiro so as to get another 10 visits basically free of charge as it is then covered by medicare.

When I saw the chiro on Monday he said that my body was responding really well to the treatment…

Amazing as it all comes about… I doubt that I would have gone to a chiro without someone suggesting it too me and then to have so much come at the least amount of cost.

Thanks again for the great work you are doing… I just love the daily emails as well.

Lyn from Manifesting Mastery

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Today’s Take Aways:

Notice how Lyn responded so quickly to her treatment. She wasn’t hoping it might work, she was imagining that it would work wonderfully!

Notice how Lyn is going back and revising “the incident” that started the problem, even though it was 30 years ago. Using Revision works. Revise what was – and reap the reward. Good one Lyn!

And notice how for “some reason” Lyn got a heap of “lucky breaks”. She is going to have next to no out of pocket money, and get tremendous relief. All because she (along with Victoria and I) felt it real for her.

We imagine lovely success for every person we work with. Why not? It’s the most loving and lovely thing we can do, and it changes lives BIG TIME. Join us! Your life will never be the same.

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  1. Harsha says:

    Great post! The last thing I’ve done for someone “else” was ensuring that they were in a state where they had their iPad. They had “lost” it at one of the tour stops and were frantically looking for it, but I just imagined them having it and everyone in the tour bus clapping because they found it. Sure enough, within 5 minutes they did find it and as soon as they came in everyone on the bus started clapping. 🙂