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How To Get What You Want – Without Exactly Imagining What You Want

Hey mate,

We just LOVE when your success stories…

…reveals the life changing lessons that most people miss. Notice in Felicity’s share below, how she manifests – without imagining exactly what she wants.

The way she writes about this is vital, because you don’t have to name every single thing you want to happen in life once you dive in deep enough and Follow The Formula. (There is ANOTHER way of manifesting:

You can literally know and become…

  • “I am a great deal getter!”


  • “I am The Lucky One”

Just imagine – fully feel as real what implies THAT is true.

Imagine what would happen…

.. how many ways would your life change, if you lived from the state of, “life used to be a struggle”, combined with “but all that’s changed since I’ve mastered manifesting.”

Like us, you’d still have the occasional speed bump show up, but you’d also have heaps and heaps and heaps of bonuses, gifts, and essential goodness “just show up” out of the blue. You will find life much easier to live, just like Felicity shares with us today.

Let’s dive in with this Neville Goddard quote:

“If you will accept this as your philosophy of life, and not turn to the left or the right, but claim you are solely responsible for the phenomena of your life, you will find it much easier to live.”

“But if, at times, life seems too hard to bear, and you find a secondary cause, you have created a devil. Devils and satans are formed from man’s unwillingness to assume the responsibility of his life.” – Neville Goddard

neville_goddard_philosophy_feel_it_realHi TT, V and E,

Been a really great week in MM…

…and I am noticing lots of shifts in my state and also in my physical reality.

My 15 year old son…

…goes back to school tomorrow and we realised yesterday that he needed both new school shoes and new runners as he feet had grown so much. I remember when this would really stress me out about how I would pay for it, blah, blah, blah. Anyway I realised later that I didn’t even bat an eyelid about it and took him to the shops.

(I saved over $150 BUCKS!)

Well, I ended up getting a $230 pair of runners for $79 and the lady gave us his school shoes at the old price. Apparently, they had to put the price up and even though it had the new price on the box, she told me they were old stock and she didn’t think it was fair I paid the new price.

In both cases I did absolutely nothing…

…to get these prices except show up to buy them – both sales assistants just gave me the price.  What is absolutely gold about this is that I didn’t even imagine before I went. So I can there have been shifts in my state and I am living from it. Yay!

I loved this week!

The shift of fixing the system not the symptom made. Creating an identity of who I want to be become rather than just wanting something “out there” is a real game changer and really helps me remember that it’s all in me.

And really makes it easier…

…to stay in a state, because if I am living as that person it only makes sense that the result in the physical has to follow – there can be no other way, it just has to. And how much do jingles just get into your head!

“I can REALLY hear their voices!

The feel it real sessions, I am noticing more and more detail – the congratulatory hug from my kids and I can really hear their voices. It is really fun and something I look forward to doing.

And the looking up exercise…

…really shifts things. Even after just 2 days of doing it I can feel real shifts. I noticed the first day that everything seemed so tight and now it is loosening up.

I am not reacting as much.

I walk away when people are negative rather than getting caught up in it and I am just generally a whole lot calmer.

Thanks so much for this course!

I look forward to seeing the emails each day. Plus already I am seeing tangible results, absolutely brilliant and exciting.

All the best
Week 4 – Manifesting Mastery

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  1. fran says:

    Hi TT and V,
    thanks for all this great info. i took the “Manifesting Mastery” but i can’t quite remember the ‘looking up’ exercise. could you refresh me on that please.
    have a wonderful day.

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Fran!

    It’s on day 27. If you need the link for it, shoot me an email and we’ll manually resend it to you.

    I really can’t share much about it here, without the context of the first 26 days behind it. It wouldn’t make much sense without having them under your belt.


  3. fran says:

    Thx, Mr. T. I will go back and read day 27. i am sure it will come back to me or i can review all the days leading up to which is probably good idea anyway. Blessings to you!!!