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Manifesting Mastery Saved me $3600 – Neville Goddard Success Story

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We love waking up to SUCCESS STORIES, especially those that are FAST and FUN and that save members MONEY!  You are gonna LOVE Alicia’s $3600 success story she shared with us today, and what makes this SUPER GREAT is….

She’s only just TWO WEEKS IN.

Let’s dive in with a Neville Goddard quote and see what Alicia is so happy about!

“Believe it is real. Believe it is true and it will come to pass. Imagination will not fail you if you dare to assume and persist in your assumption, for imagination will fulfill itself in what your life becomes.” – Neville Goddard

November 27, 2017

Well another day another bun!!!

Before I began discovered who I really AM – my insurance company denied my health bill saying they didn’t cover the procedure I need done 3-4 times a year.

Last week I got a bill for 1100.00

I was going to pay it and then it dawned on me and I said you know what HELL NO, I now know I don’t have to do that anymore so let’s have some fun with this! So for fun I imagined a new bill cut in half.

Fast forward to today …

I got a call from my Dr.’s office and the lady said since you will have to pay out of pocket for the procedure we can reduce it to 550.00 (WIN) so I paid that over the phone and I hung up (ok half is better …but I decided I wasn’t stopping there).

I quickly revised the conversation to her saying I would only have to pay 200.00 going forward and Felt It Real.

Well low and behold I just got another phone call that she quoted me the wrong price that if I paid out of pocket it was not 550 but 350 off that price for self pay making it 200.00 per visit out of pocket!! ??????

I just saved 3600.00 a year by switching to (not Geico but Neville)!!!!!

Please please…if you think this doesn’t work it’s because you are not using the tools, re read, and have some fun! I swear for those of you who have to see it to believe it, YOU WILL see it so you can believe it!!

Alicia in Manifesting Mastery – Week 2

Join Alicia in Manifesting Mastery – Click Here!We are so looking to sharing your SUCCESS STORY next!


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