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Manifesting Love Success Story – Free Neville Goddard

Dear Mr. 2020 and Victoria,

Thank you for your amazing advice! I am writing you to share my success with you and your audience because it already worked and I am spending time with my loved man again! I know that most of the people that turn for help to you perhaps do it for love since it’s the greatest force and gift in the world and they need stories like that to persist.

Like you suggested I started feeling like wife and mother concentrating on myself. During this unintentionally I felt myself lying on the bed beside my husband and baby as they are asleep and I am close to sleep too feeling how happy and fulfilled I am. I was not lost in details. I knew who my husband is and how cute our baby is so I no longer made any effort to see them, to examine how they look and so on and just concentrated on the feeling that they are there and most of all that I am loving mother and wife. My feelings exploded in me and I felt so happy,also radiating happiness to them so that they can also feel loved.

Just in 2 days feeling like loving mother and wife my ex boyfriend contacted me to ask me to spend some time together saying he may feel something for me again someday. I agreed and paid no attention to how he said it or other things because I knew I am God and it’s already done so why bother with details. The greatest gift Neville gives and also the one that you explain so well is that we don’t need to look for signs because we know and feel the truth – the world without just follows the world within. So now I am just relaxing and enjoying with excitement the fulfillment of what I already know is.

Best regards,lots of love and gratitude,


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  1. MG says:

    I am so happy for you Geri, and it is so wonderful that you are sharing this story with us!! Keeps us reminded to be persistent and to have totally faith, and assume that what we have chosen to have/ become will be – because it already is:) Blessings!!

  2. Ni An says:

    Amazing story. Very soon I will be posting my story of a restored marriage.Cheers to TT and V

  3. Carme says:

    Hello all…!
    First of all….congratulations on your success…! Well done…! And this led me to a question I haven’t understood completely YET 😉
    I totally understand what you mean in your message and I think it’s very clear…you felt your love for your husband and child and didn’t get lost in details because you knew you they were, but my question is…it’s easy to get lost for a second or so in that state, but….how did you manage to feel this way (married, with a kid) for the main part of the day…? And I mean when you were in the supermarket, cooking, at work….where you keeping the image of your family in mind or thinking every now and then “my husband is waiting for me at home” or maybe you even bought and prepared food for the three of you, left space for your child’s clothes and stuff and lived as if they were really there….? How can you make that feeling lasts and feel it the whole day….?

    Thanks for taking the time

    PS: Anyone who feels like it can answer, obviously…


  4. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Carme!

    Trying to feel “my husband is waiting for me at home” – makes it about “him”.

    Neville teaches to make “action of self” predominant. Make it about you.

    “How would you feel, if you were married?”

    As a guy, it’s easy to spot a woman who is “worth marrying” because she has the qualities men look for in a wife.

    And it’s easy to spot a women who would just be someone to “party with”. She has a very different FEEL about her.

    Nothing wrong with either path or person.

    The party girl sees the world a bit differently than the marrying kind of girl. And the world sees both of them differently too.

    Explore that, and you’ll find it easy to be in your chosen state, on your chosen path.


    TT and V too

  5. Carme says:

    I see your point (by the way, thansk for the answer…!), but appart from the obvious differences between a married woman and a single one, the thing is that I don’t know how would I feel if I were married. I tried to figure it out and all I could think was that I’d probably have thoughts like “my husband is waiting for me at home, how happy I am!” or things like that, but I’m not sure if I’d look at the world from a different angle if I were married….did you change your perception of the things when you got engaged…?


  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Carme!

    Let’s try this from the other angle.

    What would you stop feeling – if you were married?

    Many people feel lonely or anxious – hoping that they get married. And imagine those feelings gone, if they were.


    TT and V

  7. Athena says:

    I think I generate “party girl” even though I dress reasonably conservatively and I actually want a boyfriend. A committed, faithful boyfriend who is like what I want & I am like what he wants. I don’t need or want a ring to show commitment – him being loving and faithful to me and us having dates & him being attentive THAT shows me commitment to me. How can I use these techniques to generate the vibration of “girlfriend material.” Here’s another thing I DON’T want to re-marry, once was enough and I like having my own room, plus I’ve never lived alone and I’d love to manifest that. But I also want to have another committed relationship; my last real relationship was a while ago now. So, what could I do? The photos technique I like a lot, imagining looking at photos together and collapse to a point of holding hands (but no ring). I don’t know about the imagining him in the bed because I don’t want to share a home with him – though sure sometimes he’d stay over 🙂 so how can I use these techniques to imagine a committed, loving, faithful boyfriend who is a great match for me (plus great looking!) and vice versa and how do I send the vibration of THAT out NOT party girl?

  8. Athena says:

    And I mean strictly in terms of using the Neville stuff, cos I have tried following some of the dating advice out there and some of it backfired – such as advice to not tell a guy if you want a relationship cos it might scare him off. When actually I think some guys LIKE to know where they stand with you and what you want. I just want to know, using the Neville Goddard things and things on your site only how to generate the vibration of hey I’d make an awesome girlfriend, you should take me out on dates and see if we’re compatible. ??

  9. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Athena,

    Great questions. Let’s dive in with the end bit – because this will change everything.

    It’s NEVER about “sending out a vibration”, it’s ALWAYS about assuming a state.

    When you 100% are in the state you have chosen, that SPACE AND STILLNESS of you, will have you naturally doing what needs done.

    We’d suggest that you keep diving deeper into Neville, and forget all the “vibration” stuff, and the “dating advice”. That stuff just isn’t natural, and it’s often what gets in the way.


    TT and V

  10. JennyG says:


    How should I go about this? there is a guy that I have been in contact With for a while and I really feel there is a connection there. The thing is that he has a girlfriend, but according to a close common friend told me that the realtionship is really bad. I really feel that this could be my man. We are very similar in every way, and have much of the same experiences.
    How do I go about and manifesting a happy marriage With him?