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Manifesting Love – Free Neville Goddard

” Dear Mr Twenty Twenty, I am enjoying reading your Neville messages and doing the ‘feel it real’ sessions.  My query has to do with manifesting the ideal partner, and I feel that some help with this would be beneficial to others as well as myself.”

“If one has feelings for a particular person that they would love to be their partner, is it ‘wrong’ to manifest this person, would it not be altering the course of someone else’s life. I would be very greatful of a reply and you have my permission to post this if you choose.” – Jackie

Hi Jackie,

Manifesting love while not manipulating…

…others seems like it is a fine line to walk – but it’s actually pretty simple if you approach it like we share below.  Let’s dive into the words of Neville real quick.

“When I decided to marry the lady who now bears my name I applied this principle. At the time I was terribly involved. I had married at the age of eighteen and became a father at nineteen. We separated that year, but I never sought a divorce; therefore, my separation was not legal in the state of New York.”

“Sixteen years later, when I fell in love and wanted to marry my present wife, I decided to sleep as though we were married. While sleeping, physically in my hotel room, I slept imaginatively in an apartment, she in one bed and I in the other.”

“My dancing partner did not want me to marry, so she told my wife that I would be seeking a divorce and to make herself scarce – which she did, taking up residence in another state. But I persisted! Night after night I slept in the assumption that I was happily married to the girl I love. ” – Neville Goddard

Let me ask you a question…

  • If you were in a relationship, what would you want for the other person?    
  • What would you want for someone you truly love?  

(Many people do not start there when manifesting love, and if you don’t start there – you aren’t loving them. You’ll see why this is VITAL to your success in just a moment.)

Now watch the video below and notice how we use that – as the first step in Manifesting Love.

What is ONE thing you can do – that works almost every time?  

(And when it doesn’t seem to  “work”, it sets the stage for something even more wonderful.)

In How To Manifest Love…

….this month’s Neville Goddard Mastermind recording, we started with the step you learned above – and added in four more simple steps to help you more completely manifest, experience, and accept true love.

In the full length 45 minute recording, you will learn…

  • Why does the first step of Imagining Love – “just imagining him or her happy” work so well where other methods fail?  
  • How does this entire 5 step method of Imagining Love fit in perfectly with Neville’s teachings?
  • What is the “secret distance” you should be seeing him or her at – so that you don’t push them away.
  • Why imagining “the two of  you” often backfires – and puts them in the arms of someone else.
  • How to take a common manifesting mistake that blocks your blessing and turns it into an imaginal act that brings you two together.
  • Proven ways to manifest love in your life without having to manipulate ANYONE in any way whatsoever.
  • Learn the Five Things to NEVER do when Manifesting Love.  (So you avoid them in all forms, entirely.)

You are getting the 45 minute Manifesting Love Neville Goddard Mastermind Recording instant download recording PLUS the Manifesting Love Summary Sheet – so you can use it anytime – anywhere.

Take what you learn and do just 2 or 3 Feel It Real sessions a day – and you will be amazed at what happens.

Remember, all change starts within – and when you explore love the way we share in this mastermind, your whole world will quickly change – from the inside out.

Have an amazing day and remember to feel your ideal as real. (Testimonials below.)

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May 12, 2018

My long time sweetheart and I have been living in two different cities. 100 km apart here in Canada We had originally met on a work project in Melbourne, Australia. We have raised our children separately and everything has been good until our beloved dads both died the same day this January. Both families suffered great loss by themselves due to the synchronicity and distance

After this occurred all havoc broke out. Between our mothers and seven kids. It seemed to be tearing us apart. He went to work in Europe for a month In order to get away. Just returning to my home today.

I was going to let things take their coarse until I listened to the recording on Love. I used all five steps as best as I could and it turned out he wants exactly the same thing as I do! But it came forth from him. No pressure from me. Happiness in and for each other. Beside each other.

Thank you so much
R. S. in Canada

November 7, 2016

Hi TT. I hope this finds you well!

So I have been going back and forth between writing this testimony, but I think now is the right time. You are more than welcome to share this on freeneville. I bought your Manifesting Love recording a little over a month ago because I had hit desperation with a man I had feelings for.

I did not want to influence him, that was my main issue.

So in the preview video, when you said this works without influencing anyone, I was sold. I had feelings for this man for 3 months and it tore me apart because I saw him daily and never knew he had feelings for me. So I followed the steps in your recording to the dot. I kept imagining him happy. Sitting on my couch in front of me, reading, doing his thing, happy. I did this for 4 nights and dropped it.

Within 1 week of applying the steps in the manifesting love package, he had asked me out.

And a week after that, he confessed that he had feelings for me for as long as I’ve had something for him. Just shortly after that he came over, sat on my couch, reading, just a few inches from where I was sitting.

Exactly as I had imagined he would in my mind….

It’s almost as if I don’t believe it’s true. We’ve been together for a little over a month, and it’s been such a wonderful, perfect, smooth relationship.

For 3 months I was visualizing it all wrong, getting no results, until I listened to the recording and followed the steps.

So thank you!

You have no idea how happy I am. And in imagining him happy, I know I created that happiness for myself too.

It’s funny because yesterday I was wondering if we’re both going to continue to be happy because I stopped imagining and stopped following the steps. And BAM! We had our first argument! So now I know to revise, and keep following the formula!

Thank you TT and V! You guys rock!

Now. I am fully committed to this cause I know it works. And I want to buy the Manifesting Mastery package!

Shell Z.

“What a beautiful audio file! SO CLEAR, so simple, so full of passion. So full of love for people and so full of compassion for human pains. I know neville works and I also know you are an excellent teacher of his method. This is not the first audio I buy from you and I know this will not be the last one. Why teachers at the school don’t teach students about these concepts? It would be more important than 10 books of mathematics! Thank you from my heart.” Gabriela_

“Amazing teaching. I know it’s true because I’ve come to the realization of it. Incredible. I still love my ex-girlfriend.I know have the proper framework to imagine our relationship, that we are together again. Thanks friend. All my best to Victoria and you.” – J.

“I directly thank you for this. It brings a peace, calm and clarity about how to be, without being manipulative–for once I was shown I have been manipulative, I knew I had to change that behavior. What you have explained and what Neville Goddard spoke, is a gift to our consciousness. Thank you.”  – Catherine – Sept 2014

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May 7, 2018

Hey TT, Victoria

I bought manifesting love recording … and I have been blown away!

Oh my dayzz!!

What Did I learn?

Aha Moment – Consciousness is the only reality -I am not this body! I thought I knew this.. but noo!
Consciousness is my awareness of being.
Totally blown to ‘see’ this! (In a WHOLE new way!)

Law of Attraction.. is simply me being attractive, enjoying life this will attract more life.

We go after the feeling that that thing or person made us feel.. feeling is in us..

What Did I learn about me?

When ppl were most attracted to me.. I was busy doing me, doing anything I loved to do, and things worked in my favour! I see it now and boy I am amping that feeling to the max. I had men drool over me and do some extra favours, loads of friends too, some would fly in to visit and I travelled a lot too! I got a job that paid ALL my bills.. I see now how I attracted that! πŸ™‚ Yeey!!
Learnt that I identify with my body, so that’s changing.

What was my best bit…

Recognising that I am not my body – that consciousness is the only reality.. I am blown away by this! to see it has made it easier for me to play with the good day method..moving in consciousness.. way cool!

The 45 mins recording that gave to me more than I could ask for!..



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  1. Denise Jones says:

    Hi, I have #1 of the Manifesting Love Action Pack, but how do I get the rest of them?

  2. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Denise,

    Just sent you an email.

    Many blessings,

    TT and V

  3. Linda says:


    I have been reading all the lectures/books from Neville Goddard that are available and I was wondering what was his idea about the possibility to improve and or/ start a relationship with a specific person.
    There seems to be contradictions as there are stories of manifesting specific persons like the story of himself you mention in this article and another with the woman who imagined being married to someone specific too and in other lectures such as “he Lives in you” or the Q/A he says we should be general and just imagine being happily married.


  4. Leah Morrison says:

    Hi Mr. Twenty Twenty. I have been studying Florence Scovill Shinn, Ernest Holmes etc. for about a year. Although I thought I was doing all the ‘right thought’ practices, nothing I ever tried manifested. I found some Neville Goddard sermons on youtube and I was hooked. I realized what I had been doing wrong and was working on fixing my thought process. In researching Neville Goddard, I found your website last week and purchased your video on love. That same day I received a notice in the mail that I owed $850 on my condo taxes. I quickly visualized the taxes being paid as I knew I would pay them whether I scrimped and saved or by some invisible magic they would be paid. Today I deposited a check in my bank account and when I received the receipt with my bank balance, I though “I have too much money”. I looked at my deposits and had received an $850.00 deposit from a tour company that I work for as a bonus. I knew I was getting a bonus, but I had no idea how much or when I would receive it! Woohoo! What was different about my ‘feel it real’ was an absolute knowing, and I let it go. I did not dwell on the thought nor did I know where the money would come from. Now to work on ‘inviting’ that man into my life whom I have been daydreaming about for over a year. This works! I’m so happy!

  5. Shawnee says:

    I am hard of hearing…is there a way to purchase a transcript of the recording instead of the recording itself?

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Shawnee,

    We don’t have a transcript of it yet. We can put it on our list of projects though. Stay tuned.

    Many blessings,

    TT and V

  7. Alam says:


    How can I get the rest of the recording to get the 4 following steps?
    Thank you for this amazing advice and love,

    Best regards,


    TT and V: Just click the button up above mate! Enjoy!

  8. curious says:

    How do I get the love pack?

    TT and V: It’s NOW AVAILABLE! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Just click the button!

  9. requin says:

    Hey Leah, did you get him? How is it all going w/ that? I too want a specific man (my ex boyfriend) and have just started imagining that.

  10. Greetings, I just listened to the above video about how to get a specific person and create a relationship with them. My question is, what if you do not have a person to focus on but you want to be in love and you want to find someone to share your life with ? I have been single now for 4 years and it seems like I don't have any takers, no men seem to present themselves to me it's almost like I'm all by myself I see men on the street but to them I'm almost invisible. Now I have went through a multitude of changes lately I lost about a hundred pounds and I don't want to settle for anything less than what I think I deserve,will this series help me?

    TT AND V: We’d suggest really diving into The Feel It Real Power Pack too Tayyiba. This pack is great for anyone working with “relationship” or “love”, and combined with the Feel It Real Power Pack, you’ll have the tools you need to have this working everywhere in life for you. It’s all intertwined. Dive in, dive deep! We imagine lovingly for you!

  11. AR says:

    Dear Mr. TT
    Can I please know the next 4 steps without buying the video as I won’t be able to purchase it!

  12. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi AR!

    It would take me about 2 hours of typing, to hopefully get across what we put in the pdf and the recording package.

    Some stuff, we can explore or explain quickly – so we write articles about it. Other stuff, takes a bit more time, or is shared much more effectively with recordings.

    There is plenty on the site that can help AR, just search the 700 plus articles and have fun.


    TT and V

    PS: Imagine being able to purchase it, and imagine have purchased what you want in life. The Manifesting Money section here on the site can help with that. Anytime there is a limit, remember – we all create our own limits – and we can choose to move beyond them. have fun!

  13. AR says:

    Sir can I please know the next 4 steps in a summarised form because I really want to practice it in order to achieve my dream.

  14. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi AR,

    If I could present them in a way that I thought would work in a summary, I would. We try to share everything simple by giving it away, and the stuff that takes us time to explain – goes into the packages.

    Don’t get caught up on the four steps. Use the 700 plus free articles here to get started, and use them to imagine money to pay for the package if you still need it.


    TT and V too

  15. AR says:

    Dear Mr.TT
    Is the FEEL IT REAL POWER PACK available for free? How do I get it?

  16. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi AR,

    Here’s how to get it for free. Change your question.

    Asking those kinds of questions like the one you did above (Is it free etc) , keeps you stuck in the state of “needing it free”.

    “How can I manifest the money….”
    (Begin there… that will change your ENTIRE world.)

    Apply the 700 plus free articles here on the site, and manifest the money to buy it.

    We’ve had heaps of people do just that, get started with what anyone can read and find using the search bar, then buy the products or join us in Manifesting Mastery.

    Here’s why I am saying this so bluntly….

    You are focused on “getting it for free” and not having money.
    When you could be living FROM the state of….

    Taking what’s here and using it to the max.

    You can do this AR, dive in. You are so worth it!

    TT and V

  17. S says:

    Hi, how to get the full recording on this? Need it!

  18. Ayanda says:

    I love that you ask us to imagine them happy,if they are truly happy that’s great, even if their happiness takes them away from us. This then means that we are opening doors to manifest what is truly ours too, and that’s the big picture…a win-win situation.

  19. ajay says:

    Hi TT!
    We want know how you manifested Victoria into your life.
    Can please write article on this one.

  20. SFV says:

    Hi Mr T.T. I purchased one of your recording earlier. Still have to finish listening to it. lot to take in. My Question about this one is: Is it only about getting a particular person you have chosen? Because I don’t have anyone like that. So is this the pack on manifesting a mate? or is it only about a particular person you already know?

  21. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi SFV,

    Most people who use is, use it without having anyone specific in mind.


  22. SFV says:

    Just bought the package. Quickly read through the pdf. It has some interesting things I had not realised. I have been doing manifesting intentionally for some years now for stuff and all that but the ‘love’ thing was where I was getting stuck. wasn’t finding the ‘right’ guy. Now going through the audio. Will give you feedback on how it works out O.K.

  23. SFV says:

    Update: The audio has some cool stuff in it. I have realised that I do need to continue working on my Life part first before I go completely into doing what you said in the audio. There are a few sticking points for me in this thing so I will email you in about April about it. Got some work to do before that. Till then, Thank you Mr. T.T. and a big Hi to Victoria and Emmett.

  24. Neville Lover says:

    What do you do about friends who want to talk about the status of the relationship you are Nevillizing?
    How do you eliminate their opinions and observations from the day to day while you are Nevillizing the outcome?
    How do you live as if the wish is fulfilled while people ask where’s the evidence?

  25. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    We answered your question live today here:

    Go and enjoy!

    TT and V