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Manifesting For Mom – Free Neville Goddard

“I enjoy your sight and have purchased two of your packets. I have always loved Neville and can very much appreciate what you offer. My mother has dementia and has been living with us for about 4 years. People with this affliction can get combative and suspicious and hateful. Throughout this process with her I have always suspected that it does not HAVE to be this way. What are your thoughts on my visualizing her improving more all the time and imagining only normal conversations with her.” – Theresa

From Our Lovely GardenHi Theresa,

I have taken care of elderly people with dementia and alzheimers, and I know that it can be rough.  However, remember what Neville says, “Every time we exercise our imagination lovingly on behalf of another, we are
literally mediating God to that one”.

If you imagine your Mom’s case is hopeless, that wouldn’t be loving – to you or to her.  Taking the time to imagine her at peace while she prepares for the next stage is a gift to you both – so do it and enjoy every blessed moment you have with her.

I am not able to envision an over night change- but do you think I should accept the condition she has chosen as the Abraham teachers say about this- a way my mom had chosen to eventually die or dare I envision this changing? It is so painful for me at times and other times she is fine. I know it helps when I get myself calm before I go to her room in the morning – but dare we see her sharp and aware or is that interfering with what I am told is her chosen path to make her exit? I would so very much appreciate your thoughts! – Theresa

You share a great example Theresa as to why we don’t mix Neville with “channeled teachings”, why we simply teach to FOLLOW THE FORMULA.  Neville was a real life human, with the challenges and opportunities we had.  He also didn’t teach new age crap like it is possible for you to interfere with her “chosen” way to die.   We don’t choose how we die, we choose what to accept in our lives – and we choose what seeds we wish to plant in our lives and in the lives of others.

learn_how_to_feel_it_realSo many new age teachings like that not only block your blessing (in this case – loving peaceful time with Mom), but they also take away opportunities to simply be loving.  Love your Mom, and remember – your gift of love to her – just might be the example she needs to remember and to explore the power of lovingly manifesting for herself and for others during the next phase of her journey.

Many blessings to you,

Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

PS:  Follow The Formula.  Give up all “new age” junk.  Your life and the lives around you are well worth it.


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  1. Brenda says:

    I ‘love’ Neville and I’ve also studied ‘a lot’ of Abraham material. Not once do I recall Abraham stating that we should accept someone’s condition as one they have chosen to eventually die. Abraham would not suggest we make such an assumption. I have not found Neville and Abraham to directly contradict each other – AT ALL! And, I consider neither to be New Age ‘Crap’! This interpretation completely mystifies me. Well, maybe not – as I do, however, feel that one must approach with caution what “Abraham ‘teachers’ say about this,” ‘teachers’ being the operative word here.

  2. There is something about "accepting" what someone has chosen that is rather difficult for most of us . We are not in control of someone else's life. We choose how we are going to go and I know that it doesn't appear that anyone would choose "Dementia"m Alzheimer's or any other dis-ease or illness. Our bodies attempt to speak to us and we just don't know the language. I had a St. Martin Mom who recently died on May 5th. She had been my Mom for 15 years. She had dementia and for the last 10years she had prayed to God "Oh me God, please come and take me, make it short and sweet". She was 100 yrs. young! Every single day she prayed that prayer and I would joke with her that God was not ready to take her because she had to make my chicken wings. We would smile and sometimes laugh about it. When she died, she appeared like she was falling over while sitting on the sofa. Her caretaker went over to pull her back up. Her head went down and she was gone. It was short and sweet! I knew or felt that for what her life had been and I diden't know it all, she was a very unhappy person. Dementia takes you away from the present moment and the world as you have known it. One feels a lost of power, an inability to deal with life, too many suppressed emotions, Feeling lost and confused. Anxiety related to living life the way it is. Wanting to run away to another time. Not wanting to remember or be present. This is asccording to Inna Segal, who wrote THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF THE BODY!
    Love the person and YOU live in present moment by accepting the person the way they are. Pray if you want and pray that this person is blessed by God the way they are. This is difficult to do and sometimes no one knows the particulars of the reason this person no longer wants to live in present time and feel overwhelmed with the life they have and have had.

  3. Viv says:

    Hi all

    Thanks Mr 20/20 for this site.

    I agree with Theresa’s comment that it doesn’t have to be this way. I know miracles are normal as I have witnessed many. Imagine her as perfectly healthy. It is our natural God-given inheritence to be so.

    It’s also worthwile to hold her happiest memories for her:)

    God Bless you all.

  4. Theresa says:

    I like the answer I got from Mr 20/20. My mom had the sunniest disposition and taught me about positive thinking by her example and enthusiasm. And she adored me and was always in my corner. She called me St. Theresa her little flower. Choosing to forget can be soothing for all of us at some time or other, selective focus has its place. But she paces and spews venom many times and I can see love in her eyes, but very often see fear and pain. I can’t look at her and say “isn’t that special?” This is what she chose. I remember years ago watching the movie -“the Greatest Story ever told”. Jesus picked up mud and healed the blind man. some said, “Master, what if he wants to be blind”. Jesus rebuked the observer by saying “the man lives in darkness and while I am on this earth he will see!” Whether or not this is historical fact or not does not matter – it really struck me and my response I got back today from 20/20 reignited that something in me that said YES… This I know to be true! I honor your path and experience you had with your dear mother and I know it was perfect for you. Love is the answer for all of us isn’t it? And I love this website!

  5. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Hi Brenda,

    Great point. That’s one of the problems we have noticed with channeled teachings – different teachers can bring up different material. Or maybe they add in their own stuff. That’s why we prefer Neville, we knew who he was, and there is a solid record of his material.

    Many blessings to you,

    TT and V

  6. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    Love is real.

    Love is healing.

    Many blessings Viv, let’s keep spreading the miracle message.

    TT and V

  7. Pooja says:

    Dear Theresa

    Hats off to you!!! In one sentence you have given the greatest secret. that as long as I am here this person will see.Whenever we want for the other person what we would want for ourselves ( Anything we do out of love ) it is as real as it can get coz we are giving lovingly to our ownself as .Neville always says ” We are One ”

    Thanks to TT & V for creating this amazing platform where we all are changing our lives

  8. Sarah says:

    Actually, Abraham’s teachings are not New Age crap, as you say. They teach the exact same concept as Neville, albeit in a more abstract way. This is why many people have trouble with Abraham’s teachings, and misunderstand them. Neville’s explanations are more accessible to us because he was a flesh and blood human being. He is more direct. He experienced it all as a human being and we can relate to that.

    The concept of choice as Abraham explains it is just the fundamental basis of our existence: freedom of choice to direct our thoughts (or imagination). The problem is that most people don’t know we have a choice to direct our imagination and therefore create what we want, so they just observe and believe whatever our society has already concluded. As Abraham says, thus we create by default.

    So an unconscious choice amounts to the same thing as a failure to consciously choose.

    Read that again. It’s like darkness is nothing but the absence of light. Because consciously or not, we are constantly choosing with our imagination/thoughts.

    Neville says the same thing!

    So most people think that, for instance, getting old involves gaining weight and getting some disease. Just look around you. You can certainly conclude that based on observation if you want to. Or you can look at the slim, vital, active older people and conclude something else altogether. Look at Charles Aznavour, for instance! But you have to CHOOSE where to look. There’s that pesky word again.

    So people don’t consciously choose to get Alzheimer’s, they just don’t consciously choose to remain healthy. They didn’t realize they even could choose. Which, according to Abraham, amounts to choosing to decline, since any thought (imagining) is a choice, conscious or not. I think this is what Abraham means.

    From Abraham’s perspective, since they know we are born choosers, it’s ALL choice, whether conscious or not. And since they are not human, they perhaps don’t feel how huge that difference between conscious and unconscious choice feels to we flesh and blood humans. To us it feels like night and day!

    So, your mother didn’t sit down one day and decide to get Alzheimer’s and be grumpy toward you as a way to die. She just didn’t know she could choose to remain healthy and vital until her last day. Not many people do!

    Now, it seems to me that what you have is someone creating (albeit inadvertently) within your experience. But nothing is stopping you from creating your own experience! This is our job! I am sure Neville would agree. You already know that you can choose what you experience in your life through imagining. So choose the best of your dear mother, cherish the times when she is wonderful, use your memory to remember the many good times with her, too; all this is creating because you will be feeling it now.

    If I were you (and I’m no expert here) I would not focus on the illness being “cured” or anything technical like that, I would focus on your day-to-day experience with your mother. Imagine her the way you’d like to experience her. Feel her wonderfulness. You can make up a scene about that to imagine, that implies she’s better.

    Neville says to imagine it done. If someone were to be cured of his illness, you would no longer react in a negative way to his symptoms or behavior. Our reactions to unpleasant circumstances contribute to keeping them in our experience. When you imagine it done, you contribute to the conclusion you actually want.

    Just because someone has inadvertently created an unfortunate situation doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to make it better. We’re all bumbling through this life as best we can, and together at that. Everything is an opportunity to create. As long as your mother is part of your experience, you can use your imagination to make things better for all of you.

    PS “The Secret” is not Abraham, to get Abraham you have to listen directly to them, or read their books.

  9. Theresa says:

    I just posted a reply but don’t see it so forgive me if I repeat myself. In short what I offer is an honoring to those who wish to embrace abraham teachings without question. That is your choice. I have been deeply immersed in Abraham teachings for years and I don’t doubt my intelligence in what I heard Esther say about dementia. There are many similarities in these teachings but yet not all the way home for me. I think we created Abraham as a voice speaking for us. We make it all up anyway. The ways you suggested I visualize for my mother and for me is what I was talking about so I see no argument there and thank you. And like I said, ” I am now going back to the Potters House to reshape things because my mother will be healed! ” Love to us all 🙂

  10. Patricia says:

    Greetings All,

    What a wonderful site, attended by so many enlightened souls. !! A real joy to participate in. My only suggestion would be to refrain from using words like “new age crap”. Everyone is on their own path and is exactly where they need to be. It doesn’t help to demean people’s choices. Neville Goddard changed my life and I would love for us to convert every soul on the planet , but it won’t happen by criticizing and insulting other’s well intentioned beliefs, MANY of them closely aligned with Neville.

    Just my thoughts,

  11. Theresa says:

    Thank you all for your awesome support here regarding my mother. And thank you Pooja and Viv 🙂 Already today i was told even from a medical doctor that this is possible to be greatly shifted and possibly healed,AND I didn’t seek this person out – they showed up in my office today ( i work at a Spiritual Center) and wanted to rent space at our facility for seminar regarding the aging process and some myths our culture has bought into! wow! This stuff works fast!

  12. Theresa says:

    Dear Sara,

    I re-read your post here at my office today and you actually gave a very good explanation. I thank you for that. That is not what I heard Esther say, but I like what you said! 🙂 So its all good! She did say that in the one particular case the dad chose that as his path of least resistance to leave. The person said it was painful for him to observe his mother’s reaction to his dad’s behavior, and she said don’t worry about your mom (which is fine) your mom most likely complains a lot anyway and probably enjoys it, so it probably isn’t nearly as upsetting for your mom to interact with your father who has dementia as you think. Now I am by no means quoting this, but that’s the gist of the answer. And I am hearing this response and thinking it is quite likely that it is even worse than the mother describes, as I have only recently started sharing with the family how painful this has been for me and I recently came to the decision that it doesn’t have to be that way. And thanks to Mr Twenty Twenty and the rest of you, I finally am seeing the light!

  13. Donna says:

    Thank you so much Theresa for sharing your situation with your mom. I’d had been going through something very similar with my mom (and dad) where she went from being the most pleasant, jovial, sweetest, generous, peaceful and strong woman I know to someone I hardly recognized. Similar to your experience, the words that would come out of her mouth sometimes were hateful and foul. She was complaining and paranoid and the doctors, friends, my siblings kept saying this is something we just have to accept and deal with. I chose from the beginning, like you, not to accept this, but there were days when I thought I might cave. But, I can see in my mother’s eyes who she desires to be–peaceful, loving, calm, gentle, content, trusting–and I can see her looking for someone to help set her free. And there have been more moments recently where she is the person she wants to be.

    Hearing your story and your belief “that it doesn’t have to be this way” and then reading Mr. Twenty Twenty’s response only strengthens my resolve that things don’t have to be the way the doctors say for “all things are possible.” I love the statement of Jesus you mentioned from the Greatest Story Ever Told movie. I think that pretty much sums up the attitude I want to have when I see sickness and lack around me.

    Thank you Mr. Twenty Twenty for your teachings on Neville and your response to Theresa. You are helping so many people like us become the people we want to be by holding fast to our dreams for ourselves and those we love until they are fully realized.

  14. Sribhaktid says:

    Doesn’t everything stream from the body of infinite love “THE WONDERFUL HUMAN IMAGINATION” including the “new age junk”?

  15. Mr Twenty Twenty says:

    That’s right mate. Imagination crates “good, bad and indifferent”. Why not choose the best of the best, the most effective and the simplest? And why not bury the rest.

    TT and V

  16. Vivian says:

    If alzheimers is caused by micoplasma as some suspect raising ph of the body will kill the micoplasma. The person might not get better but won’t get worse. I just started my 98 yr old mom on 1/2 tsp baking soda once a day, started taking it myself. Easy fix for those of us who want to keep our memories.

  17. Theresa Lalonde says:

    I just now saw this post. How wonderful to share with someone who has a positive attitude about this affliction – far superior to finding one to commiserate about it. Thank you so much for sharing your story and let’s continue to join forces in seeing the perfection and reversing this. Why not? 🙂

  18. Robert says:

    Hi all. Interesting thread. I can very much sympathise with Theresa’s situation. I would however suggest that you just revise the scene with your mom as Neville would suggest.
    Just my penny’s worth.